What Is Bio-Sponge?

Bio-Sponge (di-tri-octahedral [DTO] smectite) is referred to as an organo mineral, as it is composed of organic matter and minerals. Bio-Sponge has a large surface area. When in close proximity to positively charged ions or organic cations, it binds to them and will remove them from the digestive system. It is because of this adsorption-effect that Bio-Sponge is a natural way to support gastrointestinal health during times of digestive upset.

Research performed in adult horses and foals, as well as through in vitro trials, indicates that Bio-Sponge is an effective tool to help maintain gastrointestinal health during health concerns that result in occasional diarrhea or gastrointestinal disturbances.

Bio-Sponge Is Recommended To:

  • Support horses with chronic or occasional watery or loose stool.
  • Support horses experiencing occasional diarrhea after surgery or treatment with antibiotics.
  • Support foals experiencing foal heat scours.
  • Support foals experiencing gastrointestinal disturbances.

Bio-Sponge is safe to be given daily for horses that need to consume it as part of their diet for occasional intestinal disturbances or loose, watery stool.

Bio-Sponge: Created Out of Clinical Necessity For The Threat of Diarrhea Post-Colic Surgery

One of the early threats in horses surviving post-colic surgery was diarrhea—caused by the use of both prophylactic (preventive) and therapeutic antibiotics, the stress of not eating, or by clostridial toxins. Progress was seen in practice as reliance on antibiotics eased, leaving healthier gut flora and a decreased occurrence of diarrhea postoperatively. However, for patients that did require antibiotics, veterinarians were asking themselves how to ensure patients did not succumb to diarrhea. It was this question that led to the advent of one of the better tools to provide support against occasional diarrhea, Bio-Sponge.

Bio-Sponge originated inside Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center and has been studied by prominent veterinarians in both clinical and university settings.

Bio-Sponge For Foal Support

Bio-Sponge is supportive for intermittent cases of diarrhea that might be caused by viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens. It is also widely used with new foals, as exposure to infectious agents are especially dangerous for young horses. Many veterinarians rely heavily on Bio-Sponge to help support both foals and adult horses that have intestinal disturbances.

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