Hygain Zero
Horses with or at risk of developing metabolic issues need a diet that’s low in starch and sugar (also called nonstructural carbohydrates [NSCs]) to prevent major issues such as laminitis, hindgut acidosis, and colic. Feeds containing less than 20% NSC are generally considered to be low in starch, but the recommended total percentage of starch in the at-risk horse’s diet is 10%. That number includes all forage (grass/hay/etc.), grain, and supplements. With 5.5% NSC per 1 pound, Hygain ZERO is a fully fortified, nutrient-rich feed with one of the lowest NSC percentages on the market.

The three main ingredients in ZERO are sweet lupin hulls, canola meal, and rice bran oil. Sweet lupin hulls are Australian legumes high in protein, high in fiber, and naturally lower in starch than soy, a common allergen found in many low-NSC feeds. These “super legumes” are what allow ZERO to be naturally low in starch without the addition of byproducts or overprocessing. They are also excellent sources of fiber, which has been shown to help regulate blood sugar and support overall digestive health.

Because it does not contain soy, flax, or oats, which are some of the most common allergens, Hygain ZERO allows you to continue to provide your horse with the necessary energy, vitamins, and minerals they need to stay healthy and happy during elimination diets. Or, if eliminating these ingredients has been recommended by your veterinarian for another reason, ZERO is formulated to support horses of all ages, breeds, and disciplines.

Forage-only diets are an obvious low-starch option, but unless your hay’s starch content has been professionally tested, often the hay must be soaked prior to being fed to lower its NSCs, lessening its overall nutritional value. Because it does not exceed that 10% overall mark, Hygain ZERO can be added to an existing low-starch diet to help ensure your horse is eating a well-rounded diet. The formula also includes critical nutrients such as vitamin E, selenium, biotin, and probiotics for extra immune, hoof, and gut support.

Many performance horses are fed large quantities of low-fiber grain concentrates, which can be hard on the stomach. These horses, and those living in high-stress situations, like show facilities, or those traveling regularly, can also benefit from the addition of ZERO into their diets. Its high fiber content (35%) supports gut motility, digestion, and provides acid buffering to support horses prone to or suffering from ulcers. With improved gut health comes improved performance and an all-around happier and healthier horse.

For over 35 years Hygain has been perfecting its feeds using the highest quality ingredients available and innovative manufacturing processes. Hygain ZERO is one of many products that puts the health of your horse first, with fixed-formula feeds you can rely on to deliver the same palatability, nutritional value, and quality with every new bag.