Bionote Stallside Equine SAA Test
This new tool from Bionote gives veterinarians quick quantitative results from a small serum or plasma sample.


Bionote VCheck products

Bionote USA has recently added three equine biomarkers to its proven Vcheck line of quantitative, in-clinic analyzers and tests. These new offerings give equine veterinarians the power to practice medicine how they’ve always wanted—without the added cost from working with a lab or added time and logistics needed for a follow-up appointment. Each Bionote test delivers quantitative results in minutes to give veterinarians immediate access to crucial diagnostic information for developing and implementing a treatment plan. 

The new equine SAA test in the Vcheck line detects quantitative levels of Serum Amyloid A (SAA) in just 5 minutes from a small sample of serum or plasma. This test has been backed by a university-validated study to provide indication of inflammation as a result of treatment, injury, or infection.  

The recently added equine progesterone test is also supported by a validated study. Clinical applications for this quantitative progesterone measurement at the point of care include monitoring estrus cycles and early pregnancy as well as detecting reproductive disorders or the potential cause of behavioral issues requiring intervention. 

Foal IgG is the latest addition to the Vcheck line. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is an antibody that foals receive from colostrum until their immune system is developed enough to produce their own. Without the proper IgG supply, foals are vulnerable to serious infections. Monitoring neonatal foals for this biomarker allows for either reassurance that they are protected or the chance for additional preventative care to be administered. 

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