A group of Egyptian Arabian horses are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized by Edgefield, S.C., authorities. But the whereabouts of another 70 horses from the same herd are unknown, said Edgefield Sheriff's Department spokesman Corporal Robbie Harter.

Harter said Edgefield Animal Control personnel started monitoring the herd in January after receiving reports about their condition; animal control personnel began working with the herd's owner, Stephen Zukowski, to ensure the horses received appropriate feed, water, and veterinary care. Subsequently, sheriff's deputies and personnel from the Arabian Rescue Mission removed seven allegedly malnourished horses from the property on March 22; an additional 70 horses previously residing there were not found on the premises, Harter said.

“There was a lot of activity and as I understand it, Zukowski called people he knew, or that he knew owned the horses, to come and help remove the animals,” Harter said.

Zukowski was later charged with one count of animal cruelty, Harter said; Zukowski was unavailable for comment.

Terry Figueroa, president and founder of the Arabian Rescue Mission, said the seized horses and the unaccounted for animals were, at one time, part of a premier straight Egyptian Arabian breeding program.

“The woman who owned that breeding program retired and sold the business to Zukowski,” Figueroa said.

Figueroa said the seven horses in her care are receiving rehabilitative treatment.

Harter said the case remains pending.