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Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA


Passionate about horses and science from the time she was riding her first Shetland Pony in Texas, Christa Lesté-Lasserre writes about scientific research that contributes to a better understanding of all equids. After undergrad studies in science, journalism, and literature, she received a master's degree in creative writing. Now based in France, she aims to present the most fascinating aspect of equine science: the story it creates. Follow Lesté-Lasserre on Twitter @christalestelas.

Articles by Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA

Saddle Pad Research Shows Variable Changes in Rider Pressure

Saddle pads might help reduce painful pressure on a horse’s back caused by ill-fitting saddles, but the ideal pad will vary from horse to horse and from saddle to saddle, according to a new study by Austrian researchers.

Optimum pressure relief will also depend on the discipline and even the gait, said primary study author Anja Kotschwar, DVM, research scientist at the Movement Science

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Horse Dies in Decomposing Seaweed; Toxic Gas Blamed

A horse died and its owner fell unconscious within seconds of falling into decomposing green seaweed along the northern coast of Brittany, France, last week, according to several sources.

Vincent Petit, DVM, PhD, said he was hand-leading his 15-year-old English Thoroughbred gelding along a beachside road after riding a long stretch of gallop when both he and the horse slipped into an

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Deadly Neurologic Equine Herpesvirus-1 Outbreak in France

Four horses have been euthanized and a fifth horse is recumbent following an outbreak of equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) in a boarding stable in northern France, according to the treating veterinarian. Quarantine has been established and will continue for at least three more weeks.
Jeroen Lissens, DVM, said seven of the 63 horses at the stable have tested positive for the disease

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Surface Safety, Step By Step

What type of impact do various terrains actually have on the health of a horse’s hooves and legs? French researchers are using a highly sensitive 3-D dynamometric shoe and other instruments to give unprecedented insight into the biomechanical effects of diverse surfaces on not only a horse’s limbs, but his entire musculoskeletal system.

Researchers attached the shoe to the front right

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Ingested Wires Cause Colic, Adhesions

When ingested, small wires can wreak havoc in the equine digestive system. They might even cause different segments of the tract to fuse together, leading to painful and usually fatal consequences, according to South African and American researchers who recently published a study on the subject.

The four cases discussed in the medical review, which appeared in The Veterinary Record

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