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Milt Toby

Articles by Milt Toby

He Said, She Said

After leading midway through the $125,000 Maurello Championship for Illinois-bred pacers at Balmoral Park on Sept. 19, Martha Maxine lost a little ground in the stretch and finished a neck behind longshot Mucho Sleazy. The...

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Unintended Consequences

See the doctor and you expect everything about the visitÑtest results, medical records, diagnosis, the conversation itselfÑto be confidential. The same is true when you consult an attorney for legal advice, seek spiritual...

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Due Diligence

News comes from California that a jury awarded Tom Selleck $187,000 after the actor supposedly was tricked into buying a lame show horse for his daughter. Purchase price for the 10-year-old horse, named Zorro, was $120,000; the...

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Justice Delayed, Part 2

An often overlooked factor in the success or failure of legislation is the name of the law. Take "No Child Left Behind," federal legislation that was enacted during the George W. Bush administration to set a federal...

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Justice Delayed, Part 1

When British Prime Minister William Gladstone suggested that “justice delayed is justice denied” more than a hundred years ago, he almost certainly didn’t have the integrity of Thoroughbred racing in...

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