There are many charitable organizations and foundations that help horses or are involved in horse-related programs. These range from rescue groups (relocating neglected or abused animals or saving them from slaughter) to foundations that fund research to conquer equine diseases. Some groups give scholarships to horse-involved young people; some rehabilitate horses and assist handicapped people with hippotherapy (treatment using the multidimensional movement of the horse). There are groups that have a specific focus for their aid–such as racehorses, old horses, or wild horses. Whatever your interest, there is a worthy group that you can support. Here is a sampling of some of the non-profit programs that would love your help. (Their contact information can be found at Article Quick Find #3873 at

Editor’s note: Inclusion in this article does not indicate that any charity is better than another; we have featured many different charitable groups over the years. For a larger listing of equine welfare organizations and rescue groups, visit for The Horse Source online and look up Welfare/Rescue Organizations, which you can sort by geographic location.


These groups find homes for horses, either through adoption programs, matching buyers and sellers, or providing a place where retired horses can live out their lives. There are many of these groups; some are national and some only operate in a certain region. Adoption processes vary with each group–many of them release the horse into your care, but you never own the horse. Others, like CANTER (Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses), match buyers and sellers so you can purchase the horse. Following are a few of these groups.

Blue Horse Charities (BHC)–This org