b'LETTERS E-mail us at Letters@TheHorse.com, or write us at The Horse, 2365 Harrodsburg Rd #A200, Lexington KY 40504-3331.Letters@TheHorse.comLetters may be edited for space limitations and must include the authors name and contact information.FROM HOME TO SHOWI just got my June issue of The Horse SOCIAL MEDIA SHOUTOUTSand loved the From Home to Show arti-cle with Dr. Duncan Peters and Dr. Nancy Loving that was modeled after the Choose Your Own Adventure series! Very, very clever and a great way to engage readers in a static medium. Kudos to whoever thought of this template and also to those who wrote it. Consider me impressed!Lydia Gray, DVMElburn, IllinoisRECREATIONAL RIDING DONE WRONGI know your magazine and the article Recreational Riding Done Right (June 2019) are about horse health, but promoting riding without aEditors note: We share your sentiments that all riders should helmet is irresponsible. Your cover and the articles photos dowear a helmet, and we live out that practice with our own riding. not have a single rider wearing a helmet. The article does notWell make it our mission to get equine photographers out and discuss wearing a helmet. All riders in equine publications, andshooting photos of trail riders wearing helmets.in real life, should wear a helmet!Leslie Raulin Correction: The photo on page 22 of the July issue was taken by Jefferson, Maryland Dusty Perin.A Dire DiagnosesCauses of CrookednessArthritis Q&A NEW BENEFITfor MNE DOIFAF IPCAIRATLN AEAREP DECEMBER 2018 | TheHorse.comPRINT SUBSCRIBERS!BENIGN ORPrint subscribers will soon have access to theBIG DEAL?WHAT NASALdigital edition of each issue of The HorseDISCHARGETELLS USFOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS . Log in to your subscription account now to verify that your email is current! Go to TheHorse.com/ManageSubscription If you know your account number, click on Subscriber Services to login If you do not know your account number, click onFind Account Number Once you are logged in, click on Change Address Enter your email at the bottom of the page under Contact Details Click on Submit Change10August 2019The Horse | TheHorse.com'