b"RARING TOGOPut the 5E utility tractor to work for youGet after those chores on your property with a versatile 5E utility tractor from John Deere. Offering four different models to choose from, our diverse lineup features 50 to 73 horsepower along with numerous implement options for tackling any job at hand. But thats NOT\x1fALL\x1e\x1f5HE\x1f\x1d&\x1fOFFERS\x1fEXCELLENT\x1fFUEL\x1fEF\x1cCIENCY\x1b\x1fLOW\x1fMAINTENANCE\x1fcosts and a 5-year powertrain warranty*.So go all out with a 5E utility tractor from John Deere.To learn more on how you can save up to 28% on a wide array of John Deere equipment, visit www.JohnDeere.com/Equine or call the John Deere Equine Support Center at866-678-4289.JohnDeere.com/Equine John Deere is proud to be the Exclusive Equipment Supplier of Agricultural, Turf and Construction Equipmentto the NTRA!\x1f\x1e7GTO\x1eNKOKVGF\x1eVQ\x1e[GCTU\x1eQT\x1eJQWTU\x1eWUGF\x1d\x1eYJKEJGXGT\x1eEQOGU\x1eTUV\x1d\x1eCPF\x1eXCTKGU\x1eD[\x1eOQFGN\x1b\x1e6GG\x1eVJG\x1eNKOKVGF\x1eYCTTCPV[\x1eHQT\x1ePGY\x1e-QJP\x1e'GGTG\x1eVWTH\x1eCPF\x1eWVKNKV[\x1eGSWKROGPV\x1eCV\x1e-QJP'GGTG\x1bEQO"