b'NUTRITIONneed (considered nonessential aminoalso include in their formulations single acids) but, again, they must derive someWork with an equineamino acids that are not part of a protein, amino acids from the dietessentialsuch as lysine, threonine, methionine, amino acids. Scientists have identifiednutritionist to ensure theand leucine, adds Mastellar. 10 essential amino acids for the horse,macros in your horses dietForages that tend to be higher in including arginine, histidine, isoleucine,protein include legumes such as alfalfa leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylala- meet his daily needs and clovers. Forage protein gets digested nine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.in the hindgut and, although it might In addition, the horse can convertcontribute to the horses overall protein amino acids, which comprise proteins,of free amino acids in the blood. Littlerequirements, its not a major source of into glucose for energy. However, Mastel- information exists supporting the large in- amino acids. Other relatively high-protein lar says, it takes much more energy fortestines ability to absorb amino acids, andfeedstuffs include whey, which is milk the body to produce glucose from aminomost absorption occurs before protein andprotein, and oilseed meals, such as soy-acids. The end product is nitrogen, whichamino acids reach the large intestine. bean and canola, says Mastellar.must be excreted in urine. Therefore,There is at least some protein in many carbohydrates and fats remain preferablecommon feedstuffs for horses, says Mas- Take-Home Messageenergy sources over protein.tellar. A feeds protein quality depends onThe three major macronutrientsWhen horses consume protein, pepsindigestibility and essential amino acid pro- carbohydrates, fats, and proteinmake in the stomach begins the breakdownfile. Crude protein, while listed on all feedup the bulk of the equine diet and are the process by attacking the amino acidtags, is simply a measure of the nitrogenmain nutrient sources necessary for all peptide bonds. Further down, in the smallconcentration and does not indicate theaspects of life, including reproduction, intestine, protease enzymes from thepresence of essential amino acids. A high- exercise, growth, and maintenance. Work pancreas continue breaking proteins downquality protein source for horses mustwith an equine nutritionist to ensure the into single amino acids, which then travelprovide lysine and methionine.macronutrients in your horses diet meet through the gut wall and into the poolFeed and supplement companies mayhis daily nutritional needs. hStruggling with diarrhea and hindgut imbalances?Ask your vet aboutProbioticWiseTMFormulated with both prebioticsand the true probiotic S. boulardii,ProbioticWise supports the restoration of normal gut function and maintainsa balanced hindgut.Developed by:Available only through your veterinarian. KPPvet.com, 859-873-2974TH 2019-08a34August 2019The Horse | TheHorse.com'