b'Start With a Strong Foundation3Tot l Body We ne o mul sChoose the foundation formula that best fits your horses nutritional needs. All three veterinary-developed formulas provide omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants,vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids and more to support your horse from head to hoof.Platinum Performance GI Platinum Performance Equine Platinum Performance CJWe ne gest on We e We ne o ntProvides probiotics, prebiotics and Platinum Performance Equine Combines a comprehensive wellness glutamine for gastrointestinal and is a comprehensive foundation formula, powerful joint supporting immune health. Recommended for formula developed to transform nutrients and ASU for cartilagehorses in training, while traveling, duringhealth at the cellular level. For all health. Recommended for horsesantibiotic or NSAID therapy, and for types of horses, the ingredients with advanced joint care needs,horses with digestive health concerns work synergistically to support every performance horses oror difficulty maintaining weight. aspect of health and performance. prospects and senior horses.PlatinumPerformance.com800-553-2400 2019 PLATINUM PERFORMANCE, INC.'