b'SMART AND SAFE HORSE CAMPINGlet his horses graze while supervised.Permanent corralsPrivate as well as public parks often offer horse corrals. Maybe for your first horse camping trip, go someplace (such as a state park with horse campgrounds) where there are existing safe corrals, Kane says.Many facilities (public or private) do not allow campers to set up temporary or portable corrals because confined horses can damage the land by overgrazing and trampling vegetation. Some guest ALAYNE BLICKLEranches wont allow highlining out of concern that it will destroy trees. At other locations permanent corrals might not be safe because they are overused andPack water from home if potable water wont be available at the campsite, as well as mucking tools unloved, Eversole says. Before departingto clean up after your horse.on your trip, know the areas confine-ment rules and regulations, and reviewrequires this and your hay isnt certifiedand I start working it into their diet at your options.and tagged, its a huge fine if you end upleast a few days before (we leave) so its being caught by officials, Eversole says.not such a change for my horses.Feeding Horses I like to keep (my feed) as consistentOther forage options include weed-Feeding options also depend on whereas possible, he says, since making dra- free certified hay cubes, compressed youre camping. In most federal areasmatic feed changes can lead to digestivehay, or pellets. Any other feeds (such as and on public lands, hay must be certifiedupset. If I cant take my hay from home,concentrates or supplements) depend on weed-free. If you are in an area whichI find certified hay where were going,what you provide at home, again keeping things as consistent as possible. Eversole often carries a few pounds of sweet feed STTOOPPTTHHEESSTTOOMMPP!! ing his horses to eat well. S for top-dressing medications or encourag-For more on feeding horses while Use loose-tting, chemical free during y seasoncamping, see TheHorse.com/17771.to prevent painful y bites and reduce stressful stomping. Watering ThemHorses trail riding need 10-15 gallonsPrevents Botflies from laying eggs causing hoof damage MADE IN of water a day, says Eversole, so part ofDecreases healing time of abrasions and wounds Patented Designyour pre-camping plan should include by allowing air flow US6508205B1 calling ahead to the park or facility toEasy to attach, comfortable to wear and will not sag check on water availability. due to their unique sewn-in plastic stays Find out if its potable for animals and peopleand plentiful, he says. You dont want to end a trip early because the springs at your campsite arent running enough water for three head of stock. I carry 90 gallons of water (in my trailer) with me in case of emergencies on the road. That way I can also mix water from home with water from the campsite (so it tastes the same).Leave No TraceIn addition to confinement and feed-Colors AvailablePink, Blue and Orange Exclusively Distributed By: ing, you must consider manure manage-Sizes Available ment. Back Country Horsemen follows Mini, Pony/Donkey the ethics of Leave No Trace, requiring Yearling, Small campers to critically evaluate how to Medium and Large Sizes www.shooyleggins.com QUALITYSERVICEINNOVATION reduce their impact on the backcountry. www.stonemfg.netManure management is a key component 24August 2019The Horse | TheHorse.com'