b"W ORLDS OE NH LYT10x12 Wireless NEWMBDigital L UUX-ray T H One device, endless possibilities.I-DIAG IC TDetector NOS(14x17avail.)MODALITIES: Wireless Ultrasound Full-Body Digital X-ray Dental Digital X-rayUNIFIED: Modality Acquisition Patient Management Study Review Cloud Archival Power ManagementSave space, save time, save money, & do more with the all-new Cuattro Hub. Designed for the way you work, Cuattro Hub is the world's first and only multi-modality, wireless, truly portable imaging center that can do it all. Touch Cuattro Hubs HD screen to switch between ACQUIRING wireless Digital X-ray, wireless Ultrasound, Intraoral Dental Digital X-ray, and more, all on ONE DEVICE and all stored to each patients complete Cuattro Hub long-term, universal record. One patient medical record. One wireless battery-operated diagnostics center. Multiple exclusive diagnostic modalities. endless possibilities.Wireless Digital Ultrasound Large Format Digital Radiography Equine Dental Digital RadiographyImaging the Possibilitieswww.heska.com800.709.4515 2019 Heska Corporation. All rights reserved. HESKA is a registered trademark and Cuattro Hub is a trademark of Heska Corporation in the United States and in other countries. Specifications and appearance may be changed without notice and may vary based on operating conditions. Consult a Heska rep for latest details.US19AD0602"