b'SPORTS MEDICINEWhen a veterinarian suspects an injurybecause swelling can subside in as littleWithin the hoof, if the lesion is sig-within the hoof, Dryden says the firstas two weeks, potentially giving a falsenificant enough and its in an area you step is to use a nerve block to localize thesense of healing. can access it, intralesional treatment with lameness; the horse goes sound when theHorses that are returned to exercisePRP and/or stem cells is great, Dryden affected region is numbed.during this time period develop muchsays. Many times, were calming down Imaging is the next step, he says. more severe tears and in some caseseverything around it, so well end up Dryden says ultrasound is useful unlessbreakdown injuries, he says. treating the navicular bursa and/or the the injury is inside the hoof. With mosttendon sheath.of the injuries (below) the heel bulb, youHe also recommends working with a end up having to do an MRI. Its not usually just afarrier or equine podiatrist to adjust the This, he adds, often reveals other find- DDFT injury.Itshorses shoeing regimen.ings. Its not usually just a DDFT injury,Shoe them in a way to take tension he says. You usually have inflammationmyriad issues thatoff the deep flexor tendon, remove lever of the navicular bursa (which cushionscome along with itfrom the toe (so, bringing the breakover the navicular bone), impar ligament, sus- point back toward the center of rotation), pensory ligament at the navicular bone because its all tiedelevate the heels slightly, and, possibly, its myriad issues that come along with ittogether. unload the center of the foot with a V-pad because its all tied together. (which covers the sole but not the frog). How theyre treatedMinor tendonDR. VERNON DRYDEN Sometimes, putting pressure on the frog injuries can be managed with rest, ice,can create pressure on the lesion on the anti-inflammatories, and compression/ Moderate to severe flexor tendon tearsdeep flexor tendon that extends over the wraps and will resolve in a short timecan benefit from shock wave, vibration,navicular apparatus.period, Bell says.laser, and other adjunctive therapies, BellPost-treatment Dryden recommends He stresses that veterinarians shouldsays. Regenerative therapiesincludingrehabbing horses with a controlled exer-always ultrasound suspected tendonplatelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stemcise program, which can include tradi-issues throughout the healing processcellscan also aid healing, he adds.tional in-hand, ponied, and under-tack Simple Solutions,I trust Kentucky Performance Products supplements to keep my horses healthy and sound throughout their competitive lives.Scienti\x11cally ProvenRobyn Herring, WPRA barrel racer and ownerof the million-dollar sire FirewaterontherocksChallenge: Solution:Anxious and nervousduring competition Lacking energy and stamina Prone to tying upAll-natural, non-GMO, Sti and sore after showing energy-dense supplement. Struggling with weight loss High in fat and \x11ber, low in starch.As little as 1 pound provides 2,000 kcal of cool energy.Easy to digest; supports a well-balanced digestive tract. Maintains lower heart rate during work, increasing stamina. Supports less lactic acid buildup in muscles, resulting in optimalperformance and reduced soreness.Sustains a calm and focused attitude. The Horse That Matters to You Matters to UsTH 2019-0838August 2019The Horse | TheHorse.com'