HONG KONG, 20 June 2021 – Epona Biotec, a veterinary startup dedicated to advancing equine health care, has launched its flagship product, the VetTrue System; a remote temperature-monitoring system for horses.

The VetTrue System was created by a team of veterinary, equestrian, and technology professionals to provide a more accurate, less invasive health-monitoring solution for veterinarians, horse owners, and professionals across the equestrian industries.

“This device is an incredible innovation for all those involved in the industry; it is a proactive approach to healthcare that makes animal welfare a priority,” Dr Michael Hurley, Co-Founder & CEO of Epona Biotec, said. “The VetTrue System assists with early disease detection, providing peace of mind for horse owners and care providers alike.”

The VetTrue System employs a single-use TailTab temperature sensor that safely affixes beneath the tail. Once in place, the temperature of the horse is continuously recorded, with its data being transmitted via Bluetooth to the VetTrue App.

In designing the system, Epona Biotec undertook an intensive research and development process since the company’s inception in 2016. Equine organizations, veterinary hospitals, and transport companies around the world have been among the earliest adopters of the VetTrue System.

“As an equine veterinarian, I am confident the VetTrue System will assist with the rapid detection of disease and, in turn, a faster resolution of symptoms, as treatment can now be instigated much earlier in the course of the illness,” Hurley said. “No other product on the market is as accurate or convenient for both patient and caregiver, and that makes it an essential tool for everyone from practitioners in my own field as an equine veterinarian through to individual owners riding for leisure in their free time”.

The VetTrue System allows users to monitor their horse around the clock and will improve safety by eliminating the need for manual rectal temperature readings. The sensors can be applied by anyone in seconds, having been designed to fit nonintrusively and comfortably beneath the tail.

For more information about Epona Biotec and VetTrue System, visit www.eponabiotec.com.

About Epona Biotec:

Epona Biotec Ltd is a Hong Kong-based company specializing in equine welfare that produces a proprietary remote temperature-monitoring device, the VetTrue System.

Through the VetTrue System, Epona Biotec’s mission is to advance proactive care within equine industries by facilitating the early detection of illness. The company was co-founded by New Zealand equine veterinarian Dr. Michael Hurley, who has extensive international Thoroughbred experience, having worked throughout Europe, the Middle East, and recently at the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC). Hurley is joined by co-founder and tech innovator Adrian Poon, and software developer Matt Craig.