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Equine Behavior Commentary Series


Orphan Foal Behavior

An equine behavior expert offers advice on raising and training an orphan foal to reduce future unwanted behaviors.

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prepurchase exams for upper level sport horses; can my horse read my thoughts; FEI Joins Other Stakeholders in Concussion Conference

Can My Horse Read My Thoughts?

A certified equine behavior consultant addresses the seemingly telepathic relationship some of us have with our horses.

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Do Horses Feel Empathy?

Do Horses Feel Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Here’s what we know about horses and empathy.

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How to Teach a Horse to Cross Water

How to Teach a Horse to Cross Water

Dr. Robin Foster offers a step-by-step guide to teach a horse to step into bodies of water without drama.

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Why Does a Horse Lie Down?

Why Does a Horse Lie Down?

Find out about equine sleep patterns from an equine behavior expert, and learn how to tell if the amount of time your horse spends lying down is normal.

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do horses have muscle memory

Do Horses Have Muscle Memory?

Species and individuals differ in their genetic potential for quick and coordinated movement. How do horses compare to humans?

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