Equine Behavior Commentary Series

recognizing pain in stoic horses; Depressed/Sick Horse in Stall

Recognizing Pain in Stoic Horses

Some horses readily express their discomfort. Others are quieter. Learn to look for subtle signs of pain in your horse.

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How to Introduce Horses

How to Introduce Horses

An equine behavior expert and veterinarian shares recommendations for introducing horses that will live together.

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leading horse in field

Dominance in Human-Horse Relationships

Our equine behavior expert examines if dominance has a role in human-horse interactions, especially during training.

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chestnut or bay; TheHorse.com's Top Videos of 2017

Chestnut or Bay: Which is Better?

Is there any proof than chestnuts are more hot-blooded than horses of different colors? An equine behaviorist weighs in.

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Moody Horses

Why Is My Horse Moody?

Does it sometimes seem like your horse is having a bad day? Here are the possible reasons behind equine mood swings.

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positive reinforcement

Why Won’t My Horse Go … Even for a Cookie?

Why won’t a horse participate in positive reinforcement training? A certified equine behaviorist breaks down a few possible explanations, including low reinforcement value, physical pain, and a negative training history, among others.

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horse aggressive in the stall

Why is My Horse Aggressive in the Stall?

A senior mare gets grumpy when other horses walk by her in the barn. Our equine behaviorist looks at possible reasons why and how her owner can fix her aggressive behavior.

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