Equine Behavior Commentary Series

training horse

If Your Surgeon was Clicker Trained, Why Not Your Horse?

An orthopedic surgeon is using clicker training to teach medical students surgical techniques. Learn more about clicker training and how it can help your horse learn, too.

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Treat-Training Horses,

Treat-Training Horses While Riding

Our equine behavior expert offers advice for applying learning theory and treat-training horses under saddle.

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Are Horses Self-Aware?

Are Horses Self-Aware?

Italian researchers used the mirror self-recognition test on horses. Here’s a look at the results.

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aggressive or confused horse

Why is This Horse Rearing?

A behaviorist offers feedback about a Facebook fan’s video of a rearing horse. Her take? Aggressive rearing is unsafe.

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When Horses Don't Respond to Corrections

When Horses Don’t Respond to Corrections

Our behavior expert looks at the reasons punishment often doesn’t work with horses and offers alternative solutions.

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