Horse Hoof Care Record

Horses require regular hoof care to keep them sound and healthy. Print and use this free form to keep track of your horse’s hoof care records.

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Trailer Safety Checklist

Print out this handy trailer safety checklist, and keep it in your trailer, tack box, or towing vehicle as a reference for safe horse hauling.

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Horse Identification Form

Horse Identification Form

Keep track of your horse’s distinguishing characteristics and record emergency contact information on this one-page form.

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Emergency Horse Care

Use this form to give your horses’ caretakers the info they need in case you have to evacuate without your horses.

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Horse Health Parameters Form

Use this comprehensive form to evaluate your horse’s well-being from nose to tail prior to a vet visit. Record everything from body condition to lameness. Also covered in this form: vital signs, eyes, attitude, skin coat, gut sounds, and more.

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While You’re Away Checklist

Use this handy form to leave your horse and house sitters all the information they need to care for your animals and property while you’re away.

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The Yearly Cost of Keeping a Horse

People often say it’s not buying a horse that’s expensive–it’s everything that comes after. Use this chart to create your own budget for major horse care items (such as hay and feed) varies by region.

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Biosecurity Agreement

To educate participants and increase compliance with safe practices, show or event managers might want to include an agreement in a stall packet or in online show/event information, requiring a signature on a compliance agreement.

These are general biosecurity guidelines and each event/facility should tailor the agreement to their specific needs and circumstances.

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Horse ID Halter Tags

Horse Identification Halter Tags

If your horses get loose or need to be identified in case of disaster, having this information on your horse can make your life and any rescuers’ jobs much easier.

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Horse Medication Log

Want to keep track of your horse’s medication history? Download and print this medication log and keep it by your horse’s stall with a pen, so it’s convenient to write down everything he gets.

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