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What signs does your horse show when he has gastric ulcers? Please check all that apply.
79 votes · 199 answers

Preventing Gastric Ulcers in Horses

How do you prevent gastric ulcers in horses? Please check all that apply. 7/9/2024             Total votes: 202         View Poll Results

Managing Your Horse’s Joint Pain

When managing your horse’s joint pain, how do you decide on a product? 7/2/2024             Total votes: 113         View Poll Results

Clinical Signs of PPID

What do you think the clinical signs of pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) are? Select all that apply. 6/25/2024             Total votes: 249         View Poll Results

Equine Lameness Issues

What lameness issues has your horse experienced? Select all that apply. 6/18/2024             Total votes: 272         View Poll Results

Managing Horses With PPID

What do you think: Can pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) be managed by medication alone? 6/11/2024             Total votes: 190         View Poll Results

Clinical Signs of Joint Disease

What are the clinical signs of joint disease you’ve seen in horses? Select all that apply. 6/4/2024             Total votes: 142         View Poll Results

PPID Resources

Where do you go to find information on pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID)? Select all that apply. 5/28/2024             Total votes: 171         View Poll Results

SAA Testing

Has your veterinarian used SAA testing for your horse(s)? 5/21/2024             Total votes: 101         View Poll Results

Promoting Healthy Joints

How do you try to promote healthy joints in your horse? Select all that apply. 5/14/2024             Total votes: 147         View Poll Results

Equine Virtual Learning Opportunities

What topic most interests you for the 2024 EquiSUMMIT virtual learning event? 5/7/2024             Total votes: 143         View Poll Results

Does Your Horse Have PPID?

Do you own or lease a horse that is diagnosed with pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID)? 4/30/2024             Total votes: 219         View Poll Results

Biosecurity Practices

Which of the following is a proactive measure to protect your horse from infectious equine diseases while traveling? 4/23/2024             Total votes: 63         View Poll Results

Preparing for Equine Seasonal Skin Issues

When do you begin to prepare/stock up on products/purchase products for these skin issues? 4/16/2024             Total votes: 124         View Poll Results

Equine Skin Problems

Which skin issue do you battle most frequently with your horse? 4/9/2024             Total votes: 271         View Poll Results

PPID in Horses

Think back. Do you think pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) was formerly referred to as equine Cushing’s disease? 4/2/2024             Total votes: 327         View Poll Results

Feeding Location

Where do you primarily feed your horse? 3/26/2024             Total votes: 434         View Poll Results

Reading Your Horse’s Feed Tag

How confident are you in reading and interpreting the nutritional information on a horse feed tag? 3/19/2024             Total votes: 221         View Poll Results

Grooming Time

How much time do you usually spend grooming your horse? 3/12/2024             Total votes: 447         View Poll Results

Nonriding Activities

What nonriding activities do you like to do with your horse? 3/5/2024             Total votes: 387         View Poll Results

Vaccinating Your Horse

When do you vaccinate your horse? 2/27/2024             Total votes: 458         View Poll Results

Slow Feeders

Do you use slow feeders or slow feed haynets for your horse? Tell us why or why not. 2/20/2024             Total votes: 393         View Poll Results

Fitness and Activity Trackers

Do you use any type of health metric or tracking device when you ride? 2/13/2024             Total votes: 90         View Poll Results

Minimizing Metabolic Risks

Does your horse stay in work during winter? 2/6/2024             Total votes: 240         View Poll Results

Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis

Does your horse stay in work during winter? 1/31/2024             Total votes: 240         View Poll Results

Winter Riding Time

Does your horse stay in work during winter? 1/23/2024             Total votes: 336         View Poll Results

Winter Hoof Care Schedules

How often do you have your horse’s hooves trimmed in the winter? 1/16/2024             Total votes: 536         View Poll Results

Getting a Grip This Winter

Do you use hoof boots or traction devices for your horse in the winter? 1/9/2024             Total votes: 352         View Poll Results

2024 Goals

What is your primary horse care goal for the New Year? 1/2/2024             Total votes: 280         View Poll Results

Cold Weather Workouts

How do you keep your horse physically active, aside from regular turnout, during the winter months? 12/26/2023             Total votes: 156         View Poll Results

Horse Holiday Festivities

How do you involve your horse in holiday festivities? 12/19/2023             Total votes: 115         View Poll Results

Managing Metabolic Horses

Do you currently own or manage a horse with metabolic issues, such as PPID (aka equine Cushing’s), insulin dysregulation, or metabolic syndrome? 12/12/2023             Total votes: 388         View Poll Results

Time for a New Blanket?

How often do you buy blankets for your horse? 12/5/2023             Total votes: 361         View Poll Results

Heated Water Buckets

Do you use heated water buckets for your horses? 11/28/2023             Total votes: 391         View Poll Results

Black Friday Plans

How will you and your horse spend Black Friday? 11/21/2023             Total votes: 163         View Poll Results

Horse Nutrition Challenges

Which of these do you find most challenging to manage nutritionally? 11/14/2023             Total votes: 323         View Poll Results

Body Clipping: Yea or Nay?

Do you body clip your horses (trace, bib, full body, etc.) for the winter? 11/7/2023             Total votes: 419         View Poll Results

Treating Gastric Ulcers

How do you typically treat a horse that you suspect has ulcers? (click all that apply) 10/31/2023             Total votes: 182         View Poll Results

Diagnostic Imaging Options

Has your veterinarian used any of the following diagnostic tools when evaluating or treating your horse? Please check all that apply. 10/24/2023             Total votes: 285         View Poll Results

Supplement Decisions

When deciding what supplements your horse needs, which of the following would you be most likely to do? 10/17/2023             Total votes: 140         View Poll Results

Autumn Laminitis

How concerned are you about autumn laminitis in your horse? 10/10/2023             Total votes: 272         View Poll Results

Buying Horse Hay

How often do you buy hay for your horses? 10/3/2023             Total votes: 468         View Poll Results

Cold Weather Horse Care Concerns

What health and nutrition concerns are top of mind for you in the winter months? 9/26/2023             Total votes: 238         View Poll Results

Persistent Hoof Problems

Which hoof problem do you encounter most often in your horses? 9/12/2023            Total Votes: 342          View Poll Results

Choosing Supplements for Horses

What makes purchasing a supplement difficult? 9/5/2023             Total Votes: 151           View Poll Results

Companion Animals

Has your horse ever had one of these companion animals? 8/29/2023            Total Votes: 193         View Poll Results

Turnout Shelter Options

What type of shelter does your horse have access to in the pasture? 8/22/2023             Total Votes: 370         View Poll Results

Turnout Time

How does your horse spend his turnout time? 8/15/2023           Total Votes: 501           View Poll Results

Selecting Supplements for Your Horse

Do you like online tools that help you select supplements on retailer websites? 8/8/2023           Total Votes: 158          View Poll Results

Horse Bedding Preferences

What type of bedding do you use in your horse’s stall or shelter? 8/1/2023         Total Votes: 601           View Poll Results

Travel Arrangements

Who takes care of your horses when you travel or go on vacation? 7/25/2023            Total votes:  513           View Poll Results

Am I Feeding My Horse Right?

What do you find most confusing about feeding your horse? 7/18/2023               Total Votes: 240        View Poll Results

Horse Feed Selection

Who or what influences your purchase of a brand/type of feed for your horse? 7/11/2023            Total Votes: 260        View Poll Results

Summer Horse Hydration

How do you ensure proper hydration for your horse during the summer? Please select all that apply. 7/4/2023           Total Votes: 411        View Poll Results

Healing Horse Wounds

How impactful would a significant reduction in wound/incision/skin infection/sore healing time be for horses and their owners? 6/27/2023          Total Votes: 183          View Poll Results

Sun Protection

How do you protect your horse from sunburn? Please check all that apply. 6/20/2023            Total Votes: 217      View Poll Results

No Sweat!

Do you own or manage a horse with anhidrosis (inability to sweat)? If so, tell us how you keep them cool during the summer. 6/13/2023           Total Votes: 144          View Poll Results

Equine Product Information

Do you prefer online ads to link to an article from the product manufacturer with more information addressing a specific concern or to a product page? 6/7/2023            Total votes: 65          View Poll Results

QR Codes

Do you use QR codes on ads to learn more information? 5/30/2023             Total Votes: 295           View Poll Results

New Fly Masks

How often do you buy a fly mask for your horse? 5/23/2023              Total Votes: 372           View Poll Results

Fly Season

Fly season is here. Are flies or other insects challenging to control in your horse barn or facility? 5/16/2023              Total Votes: 268           View Poll Results

Virtual Learning Opportunities

What topic would you most like to hear about at the 2023 EquiSUMMIT virtual learning event? 5/9/2023              Total Votes: 211           View Poll Results

Access to Green Grass

How much access does your horse have to fresh pasture? 5/2/2023            Total Votes: 482           View Poll Results

Seasonal Skin Problems in Horses

Which skin issue do you battle most frequently with your horse? 4/25/2023              Total Votes: 283         View Poll Results

Treating Skin Issues and Allergies

What is your preferred method of treating your horse’s skin issues/allergies? 4/18/2023              Total Votes: 182         View Poll Results

Horse Deworming Schedules

How often do you deworm your horse? 4/11/2023           Total Votes: 623          View Poll Results

Equine Supplement Marketing

What makes you stop and read an supplement ad? 4/4/2023            Total Votes: 259          View Poll Results

Time to Weigh In

How would you describe your horse’s current weight? 3/28/2023             Total Votes: 307      View Poll Results

Hay Preferences

What type of hay do you primarily feed your horse? 3/14/2023             Total Votes: 1,132      View Poll Results

Supplements for Horses

Do you add supplements to your horses’ diets? If so, tell us what types of supplements you are currently feeding. 3/7/2023          Total Votes: 403        View Poll Results

A Clean Drink of Water

How often do you clean your horses’ automatic waterers or troughs? 2/28/2023          Total votes: 339       View Poll Results

Signs of Dental Pain

Has your horse ever shown behavioral signs that were related to a dental problem? 2/21/2023           Total Votes: 209       View Poll Results

Dental Exams

How often do you have your horses’ teeth checked by a veterinarian? 2/14/2023            Total votes: 358       View Poll Results

Cleaning Saddle Pads

Which of the following best describes where your horse currently lives? 2/7/2023           Total Votes: 278       View Poll Results

Where Does Your Horse Call Home?

Which of the following best describes where your horse currently lives? 1/31/2023           Total Votes: 775        View Poll Results

Renaming a Horse

Have you ever changed a horse’s name? Tell us why or why not! 1/24/2023           Total Votes: 324        View Poll Results

Behavior During Farrier Visits

Is your horse well-behaved for the farrier? 1/17/2023            Total Votes: 497        View Poll Results

Winter Hoof Care

How do you manage your horses’ feet during inclement winter weather? 1/10/2023           Total Votes: 253           View Poll Results

Back Pain

Are you currently managing or rehabbing a horse with back pain? 1/3/2023           Total Votes: 252        View Poll Results

Cold-Weather Riding

Do you ride your horse when the temperatures drop below freezing? 12/26/2022           Total Votes: 418        View Poll Results

Holiday Parades

Have you ever participated in a parade with your horses? If so, tell us how you prepared them for all the sights and sounds. 12/20/2022           Total Votes: 260        View Poll Results

Deck the Stalls

Do you decorate your horse barn or facilities for the holiday season? 12/13/2022             Total Votes: 239       View Poll Results

Regenerative Medicine for Horses

Has your veterinarian ever recommended biologic or regenerative therapies for your horse? 12/6/2022           Total Votes: 155         View Poll Results

Horse Treats: Yay or Neigh?

Do you give your horse treats? 11/29/2022.       Total Votes: 377           View Poll Results

Winter Water Supply

How do you ensure your horse’s water doesn’t freeze during colder temperatures? 11/22/2022           Total Votes: 290        View Poll Results

Equine Supplement Expenses

What is the most you spend on supplements per month (in addition to feed and concentrates) for an individual horse? 11/15/2022            Total Votes: 321       View Poll Results

Managing the Metabolic Horse

Do you currently own or manage a horse with metabolic issues (equine metabolic syndrome, insulin dysregulation, PPID or equine Cushing’s, etc.)? 11/8/2022          Total Votes: 327         View Poll Results

Horse Adoption Stories

Have you adopted or rescued a horse? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below! 10/25/2022           Total Votes: 162         View Poll Results

Horse Health Records

How do you organize and maintain your horse’s health records? 10/25/2022          Total Votes: 250         View Poll Results

Ration Balancers

Does your horse’s diet include a ration balancer? 10/18/2022            Total Votes: 294        View Poll Results

PPID Testing

Have you ever had your horse tested for pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID, aka equine Cushing’s disease)? 10/11/2022             Total Votes: 273        View Poll Results

Botulism Vaccination

Do you vaccinate your horse(s) against botulism? 10/4/2022           Total Votes: 253         View Poll Results

Cold-Weather Blanketing Practices

Do you plan on blanketing your horse this fall and/or winter? 9/27/2022           Total votes: 552         View Poll Results

Winter Hay Stores

Have you started stocking your horse hay supply for the winter months? 9/20/2022           Total Votes: 297        View Poll Results

Feeding Probiotics

Why do you feed probiotics to your horse(s)? 9/13/2022            Total Votes: 179        View Poll Results

Hay Feeder Options

What type of hay feeder do you typically use for your horse? 9/6/2022            Total Votes: 496       View Poll Results

Online Horse Courses

Have you ever taken an online course related to horse health or horse care? 8/30/2022           Total Votes: 129       View Poll Results

Feeding Frequency

How often do you feed your horse his concentrate, complete feed, or grain? 8/23/2022            Total Votes: 542         View Poll Results

Vacation Time!

Have you ever taken a horse-centered vacation? If so, tell us about it! 8/16/2022          Total Votes: 176          View Poll Results

Fly Protection For Horses

How do you deter flies from biting your horse? Select all that apply. 8/9/2022           Total Votes: 392      View Poll Results

Dealing With Dust Around the Horse Farm

How do you mitigate dust issues in your arena? Select all that apply. 8/2/2022           Total Votes: 117      View Poll Results

Hoof Care Worries

What hoof issues do you tend to worry about most in your horses? 7/26/2022           Total Votes: 298      View Poll Results

Horse Hoof Care Schedule

How often are your horses’ hooves trimmed and/or shod? 7/19/2022          Total Votes: 581       View Poll Results

Laminitis Risk Factors

Which of these factors do you most commonly associate with risk for laminitis? 7/12/2022         Total Votes: 325       View Poll Results

Hitting the Road

Do you plan to travel with your horse this summer? 7/5/2022          Total Votes: 191       View Poll Results

Preparing for Fireworks

How do you plan to keep your horse safe during fireworks and 4th of July festivities? 6/28/2022          Total Votes: 185        View Poll Results

Summer Horse Health

Which of the following conditions are you most concerned about for your horse this summer? 6/21/2022           Total Votes: 313       View Poll Results

Horse Feeding Arrangements

How do you feed your horses? Please tell us about your horses’ mealtime arrangements. 6/14/2022          Total Votes: 383       View Poll Results

Equine Evacuation Planning

Do you have an evacuation plan for your horses and facility in the event of an emergency or disaster? 6/7/2022            Total Votes: 110       View Poll Results

Pass The Salt

How do you supplement your horse’s diet with salt? 5/31/2022           Total Votes: 591      View Poll Results

Equine Allergy Resources

Where do you go to learn more about, find, and buy products to prevent and treat allergy issues? 5/24/2022            Total Votes: 138       View Poll Results

Equine Allergies

Which allergy-related issue do you battle most frequently with your horse? 5/17/2022          Total Votes: 206        View Poll Results

Horse Heat Stress Concerns

When it comes to your horse’s health and performance, which of the following heat stress-related issues concerns you most? 5/10/2022             Total Votes: 131     View Poll Results

Equine Asthma

Do you own or manage a horse with asthma? If so, tell us how you help them breathe easily. 5/3/2022            Total Votes: 189       View Poll Results

Horse Manure Management Strategies

What do you do with horse manure on your property? 4/27/2022            Total Votes: 370      View Poll Results

Recycling on the Farm

Do you recycle or reuse items on your horse farm or facility? 4/19/2022           Total Votes: 189       View Poll Results

Equine First-Aid on the Road

Do you have an equine first-aid kit specifically for your truck or trailer? 4/12/2022           Total Votes: 251      View Poll Results

Seasonal Allergies

Does your horse suffer from seasonal respiratory allergies? If so, tell us how you help him breathe easily in the comments below. 4/5/2022            Total Votes: 179       View Poll Results

Your Horse’s Barn Mates

What non-equids do you have living in or around the barn with your horse? 3/29/2022            Total Votes: 622       View Poll Results

Communicating With Your Horse’s Vet

How do you primarily communicate with your horse’s veterinarian? 3/22/2022           Total Votes: 315       View Poll Results

Foaling Season

Do you have a foal due this spring? 3/15/2022          Total votes: 359         View Poll Results

Equine Nutrition Knowledge

Which of the following topics would you most like to learn about at the 2022 EquiSUMMIT (a free virtual educational event hosted by Kemin Equine in May)? 3/8/2022            Total Votes: 364       View Poll Results

Weighing Feed and Forage

Do you use a scale to weigh your horses’ feed and or forage? 3/1/2022            Total votes: 455       View Poll Results

Body Condition Scoring Basics

Are you familiar with the Henneke body condition scoring system? 2/23/2022            Total Votes: 365       View Poll Results

Dental Care Costs

How much do you spend each year on your individual horse’s dental care? 2/15/2022           Total Votes: 459        View Poll Results

Horse Bedding Choices

What type of bedding do you use in your horse’s stall or shelter? 2/8/2022           Total Votes: 653        View Poll Results

Equine Eating Habits

Which of the following best describes your horse’s eating behavior? 2/1/2022           Total Votes: 391       View Poll Results

Equine Enrichments

Do you provide your horse with enrichments such as toys? If so, tell us what your horse enjoys playing with. 1/25/2022            Total Votes: 244       View Poll Results

Cold Weather Concerns

What’s your biggest horse care concern during the winter months? 1/18/2022          Total Votes: 429        View Poll Results

Saddle Fit

Have you ever had a saddle professional fitted to you or your horse? 1/11/2022          Total Votes: 524        View Poll Results

Mares, Geldings, or Stallions?

Which do you prefer to own? 1/4/2022          Total Votes: 579        View Poll Results

Winter Weight

Do you have trouble keeping weight on your horse during the colder months? 12/28/2021           Total Votes: 283         View Poll Results

Holidays With Horses

How do your horses impact your holiday plans and travel? 12/21/2021           Total Votes: 378         View Poll Results

Horse Shopping

Where did you find your most recently purchased horse? 12/14/2021            Total Votes: 312         View Poll Results

New to the Herd

Have you acquired a new horse in the past 12 months? 12/7/2021           Total Votes: 500          View Poll Results

Hitting the Trails

How often do you go trail riding with your horse? 11/30/2021           Total Votes: 378         View Poll Results

Horse Supplement Storage

Where do you store your horse’s supplements? 11/23/2021           Total Votes: 367        View Poll Results

Body Clipping Horses

Do you body clip your horses (trace, bib, full body, etc.) for the winter? 11/16/2021           Total Votes: 503         View Poll Results

To Blanket or Not To Blanket?

Do you plan to blanket your horse this winter? Tell us why or why not in the comments! 11/9/2021              Total Votes: 810      View Poll Results

Horse Health Care Questions

When you have a question about your horse’s health, where is the first place you go for information? Tell us more about your answer in the comments! 11/2/2021           Total Votes: 403        View Poll Results

What’s for Dinner?

In addition to hay or pasture grass, does your horse’s diet include any grains, concentrates, or supplements? Tell us about your feed decisions! 10/26/2021             Total Votes: 466       View Poll Results

Horse Training Help

When you’re facing a training or behavior issue with your horse, who do you turn to for help? 10/19/2021            Total Votes: 322        View Poll Results

Tipping Hoof Care Professionals

Do you tip your farrier or hoof trimmer? If so, how much? 10/12/2021           Total Votes: 575         View Poll Results

Horse Hay Purchases

How frequently do you buy hay for your horses? 10/5/2021            Total Votes: 516        View Poll Results

A Trip to the Vet

How far are you located from your veterinarian’s office/clinic (or home, in the case of an ambulatory vet)? 9/28/2021           Total Votes: 667         View Poll Results

Horse Hay Analysis

Have you ever had your horse’s hay tested or analyzed? 9/21/2021            Total Votes: 425        View Poll Results

Switching Horse Feeds

Have you ever changed brands of bagged feed because of the following? 9/14/2021           Total Votes: 310         View Poll Results

Replacing Your Riding Helmet

When are you most likely to replace your riding helmet? 9/7/2021            Total votes: 537        View Poll Results

Horseback Riding Injuries

Have you ever been seriously injured as a result of a horseback riding accident? 8/31/2021            Total Votes: 649        View Poll Results

Gastric Ulcer Risk Factors

In the last three months, has your horse experienced any of the following risk factors for gastric ulcers? 8/24/2021            Total Votes: 120       View Poll Results

Gastric Ulcer Diagnosis

Have you ever had a gastroscopy exam performed on your horse to diagnose gastric ulcers? 8/17/2021           Total Votes: 238         View Poll Results

Your ID, Please!

Is your horse microchipped? 8/10/2021           Total votes: 420         View Poll Results

Joint Injections

Are joint injections a regular part of your horse’s joint management program? 8/3/2021          Total Votes: 398         View Poll Results

WNV Protection

What steps do you take to protect your horse from West Nile virus? Select all that apply. 7/27/2021          Total Votes: 389          View Poll Results

Time to Ride!

During peak riding season in your area, how often do you ride your horse? 7/21/2021            Total Votes: 445        View Poll Results

Equine Nutrition Concerns During Travel and Competition

What is your top feed or nutrient quality concern during travel and competition? Choose only one. 7/13/2021          Total Votes: 197            View Poll Results

Hoof Care Costs

On average, how much do you spend per horse on regular hoof care each time the farrier or trimmer visits? 7/6/2021           Total Votes: 872          View Poll Results

PPID Management and Success Stories

Equine Cushing’s Disease, now referred to as PPID, can be an overwhelming diagnosis. If you or a friend have had a horse with PPID, what type of information was most helpful in managing the disease? 6/29/2021            Total Votes: 219         View Poll Results

Your Horse’s Summer Coat

What do you do if your horse’s coat is still shedding out in June? 6/22/2021           Total Votes: 450          View Poll Results

Fly Mask Maintenance

How often do you clean your horse’s fly mask? 6/15/2021           Total Votes: 536          View Poll Results

Protective Footwear

Do you wear steel-toed boots or shoes when working around horses? 6/8/2021           Total Votes: 666          View Poll Results

Horse Fly Gear

What types of fly gear do you use to protect your horse? 6/1/2021          Total Votes: 428          View Poll Results

Horse Skin Care Solutions

What source do you use to locate/buy/educate yourself on products to prevent and treat your horse’s skin issues? 5/25/2021          Total Votes: 238         View Poll Results

Equine Heat Stress

How does heat stress typically impact your horse? 5/18/2021          Total Votes: 122          View Poll Results

Equine Seasonal Skin Issues

Which skin issues do you battle most frequently with your horse? 5/11/2021         Total Votes: 381          View Poll Results

Daily Time Devoted to Horses

On average, how much time do you spend riding and caring for your horse every day? 5/4/2021          Total Votes: 683         View Poll Results

A Touch of Flavor

Have you ever added flavoring to your horse’s grain or hay to encourage him to eat? 4/27/2021            Total Votes: 296        View Poll Results

Complementary Therapies for Horses

Which complementary therapies have you integrated into your horse’s care? 4/20/2021           Total Votes: 381        View Poll Results

Deworming Decisions

How do you decide when and what products to use in your horse’s deworming program? 4/13/2021           Total Votes: 483       View Poll Results

Equine Gastric Ulcers

Do you currently own or manage a horse with gastric ulcers? 4/6/2021         Total Votes: 401         View Poll Results

Equine Nutrition Confidence

How confident are you that your horse is getting the nutrition he needs to stay healthy? 3/30/2021           Total Votes: 344        View Poll Results

Senior Horse Health Concerns

What is your biggest senior horse health concern? 3/23/2021         Total Votes: 466         View Poll Results

Selecting Probiotics for Horses

What is most important to you when selecting an equine probiotic? 3/16/2021          Total Votes: 209        View Poll Results

Spring Wellness Exams

Have you scheduled an appointment with your vet for your horse’s spring wellness exam and vaccinations? 3/9/2021         Total Votes: 327         View Poll Results

Orphan Foals

Have you ever raised an orphan foal? If so, tell us about your experiences! 3/2/2021           Total Votes: 298        View Poll Results

Staying Informed About Horse Health

Which of the following equine health topics do you wish you knew more about? 2/23/2021         Total Votes: 424         View Poll Results

Equine Winter Workouts

How do you exercise your horse during the winter months? 2/16/2021           Total Votes: 574        View Poll Results

Horse Breeding Plans for 2021

Do you plan to breed a mare this year? 2/9/2021          Total Votes: 488        View Poll Results

Dental Exams

Has your horse had a dental exam or treatment in the past 12 months? 2/2/2021          Total Votes: 771       View Poll Results

There’s an App for That!

What types of mobile apps or programs do you use to track horse-related information? 1/26/2021          Total Votes: 108         View Poll Results

Equine Genetic Testing

Have you ever submitted samples to a lab to test your horse’s DNA for information on his color, disease risk, or ancestry? 1/19/2021         Total Votes: 375         View Poll Results

Horse Feeding Advice

Have you ever consulted with an equine nutritionist about your horse’s diet? Tell us why or why not! 1/12/2021         Total Votes: 346         View Poll Results

Horse Related Resolutions for 2021

Do you have any horse-related New Year’s resolutions for 2021? If so, tell us about them! 1/5/2021          Total Votes: 175         View Poll Results

Winter Horse Hoof Care

If your horses are shod, do you pull their shoes during the winter months? 12/29/2020          Total Votes: 723         View Poll Results

A Horsey Holiday

Do you include your horses in your holiday festivities? 12/22/2020          Total Votes: 292         View Poll Results

Sweet Treats

Does your horse like peppermint candies? 12/15/2020          Total Votes: 779         View Poll Results

Festive Barn Decorating

Do you decorate your barn or your horse’s stall for the holiday season? 12/8/2020          Total Votes: 400         View Poll Results

Snowbirds With Horses

Do you travel with your horse to another state or area that’s warmer for the winter? 12/1/2020          Total Votes: 320         View Poll Results

Horse Keeping Expenses

What was your biggest horse keeping expense this year? 11/24/2020          Total Votes: 559         View Poll Results

Winter Water Options for Horses

How do you plan on keeping your horse’s water thawed this winter? 11/17/2020          Total Votes: 402         View Poll Results

Washing Horse Blankets

Who launders your horse blankets? 11/10/2020          Votes: 512         View Poll Results

Nutritional Supplement Knowledge

Where do you primarily get information about feeding your horse nutritional supplements? 11/3/2020          Total Votes: 326         View Poll Results

Automatic Feeders

Have you ever used an automatic feeder for your horse? 10/27/2020         Total Votes: 510         View Poll Results

Expanding Your Horse Health Knowledge

Which equine disease or condition would you be most interested in learning about? 10/20/2020         Total Votes: 476         View Poll Results

Stall Time

How much time does your horse spend in a stall each day? 10/13/2020          Total Votes: 974         View Poll Results

The Next Generation

If you have children, do they also enjoy riding horses? 10/6/2020         Total Votes: 305         View Poll Results

Retired Racehorses

Have you ever owned a retired racehorse? 9/29/2020         Total Votes: 733         View Poll Results

Rabies Vaccination

Have you vaccinated your horse against rabies this year? 9/22/2020        Total Votes: 515         View Poll Results

Horse Hay Sources

Where do you primarily purchase your horse’s hay? 9/15/2020          Total Votes: 656         View Poll Results

Equine Memberships

Do you currently belong to any horse-related clubs, associations, teams, or organizations? Tell us about them in the comments! 9/8/2020          Total Votes: 296         View Poll Results

Liability Waiver

Do you require people to sign a liability waiver before they interact with or ride your horse? 9/1/2020         Total Votes: 313         View Poll Results

Stall Comfort

What type of cushioning do you use on your stall floors? 8/25/2020        Total Votes: 599         View Poll Results

Cleaning Feed and Water Buckets

How often do you clean your horses’ feed and water buckets? 8/18/2020         Total Votes: 647         View Poll Results

Fly Control Methods

How do you manage flying insect populations near your horse? 8/11/2020          Total Votes: 359         View Poll Results

Emergency Drills

Have you ever tried an emergency evacuation drill with your horses in case of fire or other natural disaster? 8/4/2020      Total Votes: 284         View Poll Results

Horse Show Season

Do you actively participate in competitions with your horse? 7/28/2020         Total Votes: 434             View Poll Results

Diagnosis: Lyme Disease

Have you ever had a horse diagnosed with Lyme disease? 7/21/2020             View Poll Results


Do you give your horse electrolytes? 7/14/2020       Total Votes: 403          View Poll Results

How Do You Engage With The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care?

How do you most often connect and engage with The Horse and TheHorse.com content? 7/7/2020         Total Votes: 326         View Poll Results

Electric Fencing

Do you use an electric fence to contain your horse? 6/30/2020          Total Votes: 814          View Poll Results

Sun-Sensitive Horses

Does your horse sunburn easily? 6/23/2020          Total Votes: 406         View Poll Results

Equine Referral Hospitals

Have you ever taken a horse to a university referral hospital for diagnosis or treatment? If yes, tell us why in the comments. 6/16/2020.         Total Votes: 303          View Poll Results

Respiratory Infections

How many times in the last year has your horse had a respiratory infection? 6/9/2020.         97 total votes          View Poll Results


How many times a year do you trailer your horse for long distances (more than 8 hours)? 6/2/2020          Total Votes: 567          View Poll Results

Equine Veterinary Care

When it comes to your horses’ veterinarian, which statement is most true? 5/26/2020          Total Votes: 658          View Poll Results

Keeping Horses Hydrated

How do you provide water to your horses? 5/19/2020          Total Votes: 682          View Poll Results

Horse Care During COVID-19

What best describes your interaction with your horses’ veterinarian during the COVID-19 pandemic? 5/12/2020          Total Votes: 397          View Poll Results

IV Injections

Do you give your horse intravenous (IV) injections yourself? 5/5/2020          Total Votes: 557          View Poll Results

Feeding Alfalfa

Do you feed your horse alfalfa in any form (pellets, cubes, hay, etc.)? 4/28/2020          Total Votes: 1,104          View Poll Results

Administering Vaccines

Who gives your horse his/her vaccines? 4/21/2020          Total Votes: 887          View Poll Results

Grazing Muzzle Use

Do you use a grazing muzzle to help restrict your horse’s grass intake? 4/14/2020          Total Votes: 652          View Poll Results

Fly Masks

Does your horse wear a fly mask? 4/7/2020          Total Votes: 945          View Poll Results

Loose Shoes

Have you ever had to pull a loose shoe off your horse? 3/31/2020          Total Votes: 999          View Poll Results

Equine Osteoarthritis and DJD Concerns

If you own a horse with osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease, what is your primary concern? 3/24/2020          Total Votes: 420          View Poll Results

Horse Hoof Self-Care

Have you ever tried trimming your horse’s feet yourself? 3/17/2020          Total Votes: 764        View Poll Results

Horse Hoof Protection

Which of the following have you used to protect and support your horse’s hooves? 3/10/2020          Total Votes: 418       View Poll Results

Equine Insurance

Do you have an equine insurance policy on your horse? 3/3/2020          Total Votes: 455        View Poll Results

Hay Feeders for Horses

What type of hay feeder do you typically use for your horse? 2/25/2020          Total Votes: 1,199        View Poll Results

Treating Equine Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease

Which of the following would be most important when selecting a product for your horse’s osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease? 2/18/2020          Total Votes: 321        View Poll Results

Keeping Horses Calm

Have you ever given your horse a calming supplement or product? 2/11/2020          Total Votes: 607       View Poll Results

Aging Equines

How old is the oldest horse that you currently own or manage? 2/4/2020          Total Votes: 1,664        View Poll Results

Stocking Up On Horse Supplies

When do you typically buy or restock your horse supplies (tack, grooming tools, medications, etc.)? 1/28/2020          Total Votes: 554        View Poll Results

Time to Weigh In

Do you monitor your horse’s weight regularly? 1/21/2020          Total Votes: 465        View Poll Results

Horse Halter Preferences

What kind of halter do you use for your horse? 1/14/2020          Total Votes: 1103       View Poll Results

Managing Equine Osteoarthritis

Primarily, what does your veterinarian recommend for managing your horse’s osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease? 1/07/2020          Total Votes: 186        View Poll Results

Winter Sweat

How do you deal with a sweaty horse post-ride on a cold day? 12/30/2019          Total Votes: 727        View Poll Results

Trailering Troubles?

Will your horse easily load into the trailer? 12/23/2019          Total Votes: 708        View Poll Results

Naughty or Nice?

Is your horse getting a gift for Christmas? 12/17/2019          Total Votes: 192        View Poll Results

Packing on the Pounds

Do you have trouble keeping weight on your horse? 12/10/2019          Total Votes: 428        View Poll Results

OA and Joint Disease: What’s Your Experience?

Have you owned or managed a horse diagnosed with osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease? 12/3/2019          Total Votes: 334        View Poll Results

Black Friday Horse Deals

Do you plan to take advantage of Black Friday deals at your favorite horse tack and supply stores? 11/26/2019          Total Votes: 279        View Poll Results

Clipping Horses With Sedation

If you clip or trim your horse in winter, do you sedate him/her? 11/19/2019          Total Votes: 810        View Poll Results

Frozen Water Prevention

How do you ensure your horse’s water doesn’t freeze during the winter? 11/12/2019          Total Votes: 761       View Poll Results

Winter Hay Supply

Have you started stocking up on your horses’ winter hay supply? 11/5/2019          Total Votes: 451        View Poll Results

Who Clips Your Horse?

If you clip your horse(s) in winter, who does the heavy lifting? 10/29/2019          Total Votes: 596        View Poll Results

Body Clipping for Winter

Do you clip your performance horse during winter?? 10/22/2019          Total Votes: 434        View Poll Results

Horse Blanketing Decisions

How do you make decisions about what sheet or blanket to use during winter? 10/15/2019          Total Votes: 710        View Poll Results

Testing Horses for PPID

Have you recently tested your horse for PPID? 10/8/2019          Total Votes: 322        View Poll Results

Probiotics for Horses

Do you give your horse probiotics, and if so, what for? 10/1/2019          Total Votes: 438        View Poll Results

Keeping Older Horses Agile

Do you give your adult or senior horse a joint supplement? 9/24/2019          Total Votes: 595        View Poll Results

Helmet Safety

How often do you wear a helmet while riding your horse? 9/17/2019          Total Votes: 737        View Poll Results

Lathering on the Liniment

Do you use liniments on your horse to help with sore muscles? 9/10/2019          Total Votes: 306        View Poll Results

Bath Time

How often do you give your horse a bath? 9/3/2019           618 votes       View Poll Results

Lyme Disease Concerns

Are you concerned about Lyme disease and your horse? 8/27/2019          302 votes        View Poll Results

Signs of EMS

Does your horse show any of these possible signs of equine metabolic syndrome (EMS)? 8/20/2019          Total Votes 227        View Poll Results

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Do you add vitamin and/or mineral supplements to your horse’s feed? 8/13/2019          Total Votes: 397        View Poll Results

Shock Wave Treatment

What have you used shock wave therapy to treat on your horse? 8/6/2019           Total Votes: 102       View Poll Results

Turn on the AC!

Does your horse have a fan in his stall or barn? 7/30/2019          Total Votes: 586        View Poll Results

Frayed Fly Masks

How often do you have to buy a fly mask for your horse? 7/23/2019           Total Votes: 477        View Poll Results

Protecting Horses From Flies

When do you apply fly spray to your horse? 7/16/2019          Total Votes: 462        View Poll Results

Signs of Equine Gastric Ulcers

Does your horse show any of the following signs possibly associated with gastric ulcers? 7/9/2019           Total Votes: 68        View Poll Results

4th of July Sedation

Have you ever sedated a horse to keep it safe during 4th of July fireworks? 7/2/2019          Total Votes: 512        View Poll Results

Grooming, Good or Bad?

How much does your horse enjoy being groomed? 6/25/2019           Total Votes: 465        View Poll Results

Sheath Cleaning

Who cleans your gelding or stallion’s sheath? 6/18/2019           Total Votes: 811       View Poll Results

Horsey Vacations

Have you ever taken a horse-centered vacation? 6/11/2019           Total Votes: 307        View Poll Results

Equine Leg Protection

Does your horse wear boots or leg protection every time you ride? 6/4/2019           Total Votes: 652        View Poll Results

Stinky Feet

Does your horse have trouble with thrush during the wet, spring weather? 5/28/2019          Total Votes: 402        View Poll Results

Clicker Training for Horses

Have you ever tried clicker training with your horse? 5/21/2019          Total Votes: 428        View Poll Results

Smelly Horse Barns

Do your barn smell like urine or ammonia? 5/14/2019           Total Votes: 499        View Poll Results

Soaking and Steaming Horse Hay

Do you soak or steam your horse’s hay? 5/7/2019           Total Votes: 671        View Poll Results

EPM Treatment

Are you currently treating a horse for EPM? 4/30/2019           Total Votes: 397        View Poll Results

Horse Trailer Preferences

What kind of trailer do you and your horse prefer? 4/23/2019           Total Votes: 595        View Poll Results

West Nile Virus Prevention

Have you vaccinated your horse against West Nile virus yet this year? 4/16/2019           Total Votes: 647        View Poll Results

Navicular Diagnosis

Has your horse been diagnosed with navicular syndrome? 4/9/2019          Total Votes: 477        View Poll Results

My Horse’s Chef

When it comes to feeding your horse, which is the most true for you? 4/2/2019           Total Votes: 501        View Poll Results

Horse Farm Tractor

Do you own a tractor to help care for your horse? 3/26/2019           Total Votes: 659        View Poll Results


Do you know what leptospirosis is? 3/19/2019          Total Votes: 330        View Poll Results

Saddle Fitting Support

Have you ever hired a professional saddle fitter to ensure your horse’s saddle fits? 3/12/2019           Total Votes: 636        View Poll Results

Mud Management on Horse Facilities

What strategy do you rely on the most to reduce mud in high-traffic areas on your horse farm? 3/5/2019          Total Votes: 315         View Poll Results

Selecting Horse Feed

How do you select your horse’s concentrate or complete feed (other than forage)? 2/26/2019           Total Votes: 592         View Poll Results

Managing Moody Mares

Do you use altrenogest (Regu-Mate) to manage your mare’s cycle? 2/19/2019           Total Votes: 381         View Poll Results

Hardy Hooves

When needed, how do you protect your horse’s feet from bruising and soreness? 2/12/2019          Total Votes: 534          View Poll Results

Recognized Equine Competitions

Have you ever competed at a show recognized by a discipline or breed association? 2/5/2019          Total Votes: 460          View Poll Results

Forms of Forage for Horses

What form of hay do you feed your horse? 1/29/2019          Total Votes: 832          View Poll Results

MRI for Diagnosis

Has your horse ever had an MRI? 1/22/2019          Total Votes: 435          View Poll Results

Double Blanketing

Do you ever double blanket your horse to keep him warm? 1/15/2019          Total Votes: 1,116         View Poll Results

Night Check

Do you do a final check of your horses each night before going to bed? 1/8/19         Total Votes: 819         View Poll Results

New Year’s Resolutions from the Horse’s Perspective

What should your horse’s New Year’s resolution be for 2019? 12/18/2018          Total Votes: 379          View Poll Results

Horseplay at the Water Trough

Does your horse try to play with his water trough heater? 12/11/2018          Total Votes: 382          View Poll Results

Is Your Tack Squeaky Clean?

Do you clean your tack after every use? 12/4/2018           Total Votes: 677          View Poll Results

Under Quarantine

Has your horse or facility ever been placed under quarantine because of an infectious disease? 11/27/2018          Total Votes: 532            View Poll Results

Free-Feeding Hay to Horses

Does your horse have access to hay at all times? 11/20/2018         Total Votes: 714           View Poll Results

Monitoring Horses’ Vital Signs

How often do you take your horse’s TPR (temperature, pulse, and respiration)? 11/13/2018          Total Votes: 724          View Poll Results

Treating Navicular Syndrome

If you own a horse with navicular syndrome, has your veterinarian included bisphosphonates in your horse’s treatment? 11/6/2018          Total Votes: 337          View Poll Results

Horse Barn Upgrade

If you had an unlimited budget and could pick only one thing to renovate in your horse barn, what would it be? 10/30/2018          Total Votes: 621       View Poll Results

Protecting Horses From West Nile Virus

Do you vaccinate your horse against West Nile virus? 10/23/2018          Total Votes: 786      View Poll Results

Winter Horse Housing

Do you have a barn to keep your horse in during winter? 10/16/2018          Total Votes: 746      View Poll Results

Fall Vaccines

Has your horse received his fall booster vaccines this year? 10/9/2018          Total Votes: 383      View Poll Results

Buddy Sour Behavior

Does your horse act buddy sour (not wanting to leave the other horses)> 10/2/2018          Total Votes: 687           View Poll Results

Coggin’s-Free Confirmation

Do you have a veterinarian take a blood sample from your horse each year for a Coggin’s test to confirm he doesn’t have equine infectious anemia (EIA)? 9/25/2018        Total Votes: 912            View Poll Results

Traveling Off the Farm

How often does your horse travel and come into contact with other horses outside of your farm or property? 9/18/2018         Total Votes: 708          View Poll Results

Hungry Horses

How do you describe your horse’s appetite? 9/11/2018          Total Votes: 372         View Poll Results

Horse Fence Maintenance

When it comes to fence building and fixing, do you… 9/4/2018          Total Votes: 393          View Poll Results

Trailer Tire Blowouts

Have you ever experienced a tire blowout on your horse trailer? 8/28/2018          Total Votes: 548          View Poll Results

Emergency Water Sources for Horses

Do you have an emergency water source for your horse if your power goes out? 8/21/2018         Total Votes: 419           View Poll Results

Protecting Horse From Botulism

Do you vaccinate your horse against botulism? 8/14/2018          Total Votes: 439          View Poll Results

Where’s the Fly Spray?

How often do you apply insect spray to your horses during the summer months? 8/7/2018         Total Votes: 846           View Poll Results

Equine Foot Frustrations

What’s the most frustrating equine hoof condition you’ve had to manage? 7/31/2018          Total Votes: 772           View Poll Results

Protecting Horses From Strangles

Do you vaccinate your horse against strangles? 7/24/2018          Total Votes: 667         View Poll Results

Trying a New Discipline

What equine discipline featured in the World Equestrian Games would you be most interested in trying? 7/17/2018          Total Votes: 518          View Poll Results

Keeping Cool With Fans

Do you use fans in your horse’s barn or stable? 7/10/2018         Total Votes: 642           View Poll Results

Don’t Sweat It

Have you owned or managed a horse with anhidrosis (the inability to sweat)? 6/27/18         Total Votes: 91          View Poll Results

Electrolytes for Horses

Do you ever give your horse electrolytes? 6/26/2018          Total Votes: 674         View Poll Results

Buying a Saddle

Where did you buy your last saddle? 6/19/2018          Total Votes: 469          View Poll Results

Smooth Moves

What is your horse’s best gait? 6/12/2018         Total Votes: 302          View Poll Results

Selenium Deficiency in Horses

Have you ever had your horse tested for selenium deficiency? 6/5/2018          Total Votes: 341          View Poll Results

Leasing a Horse

Have you ever leased a horse? 5/29/2018         Total Votes: 505          View Poll Results

Grazing Muzzles

Do you use a grazing muzzle to help restrict your horse’s grass intake? 5/22/18         Total Votes: 441         View Poll Results

Lyme Disease

Are you concerned about tick control and protecting your horse from lyme disease this year? 5/15/18         Total Votes: 389         View Poll Results

Insect Control on Horse Farms

What is the primary insect-control method used on your horse property? 5/8/2018         Total Votes: 404          View Poll Results

Wildfire Concerns

Are you concerned about keeping your horses and/or property safe from wildfire? 5/1/2018          Total Votes: 348         View Poll Results

Mud Management on Horse Farms

Are you currently battling mud on your horse property? 4/24/2018         Total Votes: 452       View Poll Results

Equine Fecal Egg Count Tests

Do you use fecal egg counts as part of your horse’s deworming program? 4/17/18          Total Votes: 524         View Poll Results

Shedding Struggles

Does your horse have trouble shedding his winter coat? 4/10/2018          Total Votes: 412          View Poll Results

Equine Colic Outcomes

Have you ever lost a horse to colic? 4/3/2018          Total Votes: 821         View Poll Results

I Love Long-Ears

Have you owned a mule or donkey? 3/28/2018          Total Votes: 407         View Poll Results

Horses with PSSM

Have you owned or managed a horse with polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM)? 3/19/18          Total Votes: 39          View Poll Results

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