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Poll: Horse Farm Tractor

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Do you own a tractor to help care for your horse?
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  1. Two of ’em actually; an older Ford compact tractor wit a hydrostatic transmission, and a newer Kubota that is a little larger, but a manual. Kubota calls it a “Glide Shift”, which means you don’t need the clutch to shift, but you still have to work the clutch, and come to a complete stop to shift from forward to reverse.
    I will add a comment for those that might be considering purchasing a tractor for their horse property:
    Look for one with a hydrostatic transmission. A manual is fine for chores like running a mower, or pulling a cultivator tool, but for working the loader (manure management; a Big Deal with equines), the hydrostatic tranny is almost a must-have. Trust me on this one.

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Which hoof problem do you encounter most often in your horses?
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