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Poll: Saddle Fitting Support

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Have you ever hired a professional saddle fitter to ensure your horse's saddle fits?
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3 Responses

  1. I drive Miniature Horses (and formerly a Harnessbred pony). No saddle fitting as intricate there!

  2. Around most saddle buys are used and there is no saddle fitters here. Measure horse”s back with stiff item and hope for best. Once you buy saddle, it’s yours.

  3. When I was getting my degree from my local Community College, one of my classes was a riding class and we had a well known saddle fitter from England, who worked with the Queen, came and did a talk about saddle fitting and I had just got a new saddle for my MFT and I had him fit it to my girl and he said that it was a perfect fit for her and me. His credentials are impeccable! He did all the saddle fitting for the Queens horses and her hunt club horses. He lives in Cottonwood, AZ and he will take any saddle and rebuild it for you. He is amazing! I was proud to have him check out my saddle!

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