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Poll: Hay Feeders for Horses

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What type of hay feeder do you typically use for your horse?
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3 Responses

  1. I try to avoid small-hole nets, as my horse would rip the nets apart in frustration. He also sustained wear damage to his front teeth from gnawing the knots, which might eventually affect grazing.

    On the occasions he is confined, (usually too-wet ground) he has access to the stable & the 9′ x 22′ paved enclosed yard in front. I place the hay in small amounts around the stable & yard floor, also along the front 2′ high wall. Some is protected from the two 32″ ponies on top of pallets behind hurdles against the wall (outside) . & some in the manger. This way he has to move about a fair bit, with some competition from the ponies who have a ‘creep’ escape & hay-safe section at one end .
    This avoids filled legs from too much standing still, & they eat mainly head down for comfort. If hay is required when out 24/7 (with stable access) I do the same, but also scatter it thinly around the grazing area, so he/they have to search for it. I also find that using less palatable hay (stalky, late cut, or ok but just not that nice) reduces the interest & speed they eat it, so it lasts longer & improves the ‘natural-ness’ of their life. Scattering it about also reduces chances of competitive aggression over food.

  2. I feed large round bales inside a HayHut with Net Kit installed. Saves time & money – also significantly reduces waste!

  3. I do not feed hay, only pellets. Due to back problems that have me confined to a mobility chair, I cannot handle hay.

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