Equine Behavior Commentary Series

Softening the Hard Mouthed-Horse

Softening the Hard Mouthed-Horse

Does it feel like your horse hangs on the reins? A behaviorist offers possible causes and solutions to the problem.

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Dominance in Human-Horse Relationships

A Spooky Senior Horse

An equine behavior expert weighs in on how one reader can help her senior OTTB be less spooky at home.

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Common OTTB Behavior Traits

Common OTTB Behavior Traits

I’m considering purchasing an ex-racehorse. Are there any common behavior problems in OTTBs that I should be aware of?

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Horse Sellers' Disclosure Obligation

Why Does a Horse Bite?

Researchers have developed a list of reasons a horse might bite. Learn the causes and how to train a horse not to nip.

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