Butterfly Network Announces Collaboration with MWI Animal Health to Provide Veterinarians with the World’s First and Only Single Probe, Whole-body, All Species Ultrasound Device

GUILFORD, Conn., and NEW YORK, NY – Butterfly Network, Inc. (NYSE: BFLY), a leader in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), and MWI Animal Health have announced an exciting collaboration that will ensure veterinarians have rapid and easy access to Butterfly’s cutting edge ultrasound device, iQ Vet. Through its agreement with Butterfly Network, Inc., MWI Animal Health will be warehousing and selling the world’s first and only single probe, whole-body ultrasound system for all animals: Butterfly iQ Vet.

“This is an exciting moment for us at Butterfly, as we seek to democratize medical imaging and expand our footprint in the animal health space with our groundbreaking solution, iQ Vet. MWI Animal Health’s strong relationships with veterinary practices nationwide makes them the perfect partner to help us realize this vision even faster,” said Darius Shahida, Butterfly Network’s Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer.

Butterfly iQ Vet is the world’s first and only single probe, whole-body ultrasound device. By leveraging the power of a semiconductor chip (with Butterfly’s patented Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology) and pairing this with powerful, intuitive software (accessible on a compatible mobile device), iQ Vet makes ultrasound more affordable, easier to use and far more portable – enabling the use of imaging across all types of veterinary practices customized for veterinary use in all animals.

iQ Vet has been adopted and used by veterinarians across all specialties to deliver diagnostic insights and better care across all species. Additionally, a growing number of leading veterinary schools – most recently, Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine – are empowering their entire student body with Butterfly iQ Vet to transform veterinary education and ultimately improve veterinary care.

Butterfly iQ Vet is currently available to order through the MWI online portal or by contacting your MWI Representative or Butterfly Veterinary Inside Sales Executive.

Veterinarians can request more information about Butterfly iQ Vet at: https://butterflynetwork.com/vet.

Learn more about MWI Animal Health and order Butterfly iQ Vet at: https://www.mwiah.com/.

About MWI

MWI Animal Health provides national distribution and full support services to veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturers large and small. Because we serve every facet of the animal healthcare industry, manufacturers feel confident in our ability to distribute the right products to the right places at the right time. We can help manufacturers manage all aspects of their businesses, from sales and marketing to logistics.

We also build lasting relationships with veterinarians through a deep understanding of their clinic operations, competitive pressures, and growth strategies. Founded by a veterinarian, MWI strives to make a meaningful difference in the daily operations of veterinary practices, as well as the lives of animals and the people who love them. We’re proud to treat all species and all animal types across the United States while acting as veterinarians’ partner in delivering the best possible care.

About Butterfly Network

Founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg in 2011 and recently listed on the NYSE through a merger with Longview Acquisition Corp (NYSE: BFLY), Butterfly created the world’s first handheld, single probe, whole-body veterinary ultrasound system, Butterfly iQ Vet. Butterfly Network’s mission is to democratize medical imaging, which includes bringing medical imaging to more veterinarians. We created the world’s first handheld, multi-species, whole-body ultrasound probe for veterinary use: the Butterfly iQ Vet. This innovative device miniaturizes the full traditional ultrasound system onto a single semiconductor silicon chip – making ultrasound more affordable and easier-to-use than ever. The Butterfly iQ Vet can be purchased online today by veterinary practitioners in the USA at: https://www.butterflynetwork.com/vet/iq-vet.