From Young Horses to FEI Veterans: Arthramid®Vet Delivers Performance for Sahar Daniel Hirosh

Each horse had a distinctly different and unique diagnosis, ranging from expected to unusual, but Hirosh found relief and performance for all three with Europe’s best kept joint health secret: Arthramid®Vet.
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Wellington, FL (June 23, 2022) – Arthritis discomfort among dressage horses knows no age and no discipline! International Grand Prix rider Sahar Daniel Hirosh discovered this firsthand, when three of his current horses were diagnosed with arthritis related issues. Each horse had a distinctly different and unique diagnosis, ranging from expected to unusual, but Hirosh found relief and performance for all three with Europe’s best kept joint health secret: Arthramid®Vet!

Hirosh’s main competition mount, 2003 KWPN gelding Whitman (Rhodium x Camora x Saluut), was enjoying a 5th season at the CDI level in 2022. Owned by Jane Suwalsky, Whitman, with Sahar in the irons, have showed in more than 20 international competitions at the Grand Prix level and in the spring of 2021 qualified to compete at the FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final in Gothenburg for Sahar’s home country of Israel. The gelding underwent regular injections in his navicular joint, a focal weight-bearing point in the front hooves and a common problem area for performance horses. However the mixture of joint solution and steroids used to treat Whitman seem to have exhausted their effectiveness, with Whitman showing exponentially less comfort over each round of maintenance. Disappointed, Hirosh was prepared to retire his main performer, before trying Arthramid®Vet.

“Whitman always gave me 100% in the arena, and I wanted to make sure he had a great life after competition,” said Hirosh. “I was sad to have arthritis sideline him, but thanks to Arthramid®Vet we completed our final season of competition. We injected both front naviculars with their hydrogels, with great results.”

After such success with Whitman, Hirosh decided to try Arthramid®Vet on two of his other horses. His up-and-coming Grand Prix horse, a 2010 KWPN gelding (Wonderboy x Jazz), was diagnosed with arthritis developing in his neck, which was limiting his ability to compete comfortably at the FEI level. A difficult diagnosis, Hirosh’s vet decided to inject the joints in Bialik’s neck, from the withers to the poll. After just a few weeks, Bialik was back in work and showing considerably less tension in the neck and body in the collected work.

Having had such success with his FEI horses, Hirosh then turned the power of Arthramid®Vet on one of his young horses who was showing weakness in the stifles after being gelded. A common occurrence following castration, sticky stifles are typically treated by antiquated methods like blistering. Wanting to avoid this, on a young horse especially, Hirosh opted once again to try Arthramid®Vet on My Rock, a 2017 KWPN gelding (Indian Rock x Don Schuffro x Lord Lauderdale).

“We saw immediate improvement with minimal downtime and far more lasting effects than other injectables,” said Hirosh. “Arthramid®Vet has made a huge difference for my horses.”

Proven science, proven results: Arthramid®Vet & Synamid® by Contura Vet are Europe’s answer for managing osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease in horses & dogs. The advanced technology of Contura Vet’s hydrogels creates a long-lasting, augmenting effect on both the joint capsule and synovium, increasing elasticity, tensile strength, and facilitating synovial incorporation. The results improve the joint’s overall ability to flex, bear weight, and transfer weight loads, improving quality of life of horses (and dogs!) with all stages of arthritis, from pasture ornaments to top international level competitors across all disciplines from show jumping, dressage & eventing to western performance and racing.

Arthramid®Vet has been used to manage arthritis in horses around the world for over 10 years, and has recently been introduced to the US market. More than 80% of horses injected with Arthramid®Vet achieve lameness free status and maintain long-lasting results – up to 24 months in clinical trials. Click here for the study. Many horses return to work after years of being retired due to arthritis – often competing at even higher levels than before!

No steroids are used with Arthramid®Vet, so there is no drug withdrawal period. Arthramid®Vet is the only polyacrylamide product on the US market labeled for all stages of osteoarthritis in horses, from early synovitis to end stage disease. It is also the only polyacrylamide product on the US market made in an FDA-approved GMP manufacturing facility. Equestrians and veterinarians trust the hydrogels made by ConturaVet, and their parent company Contura has been producing them for human-use in arthritic patients for 20 years.

Proper diagnosis of arthritis should be done by a veterinarian via diagnostics such as x-rays prior to administration. After administration by a certified veterinarian, a biocompatible hydrogel matrix forms in the joint capsule, stabilizing the joint and synovium, increasing the elasticity of the joint. Effects can be seen after 14-30 days, with soundness continuing to improve over time and results have been shown to last up to 24 months. In a September 2021 double-blind, positive control study in horses with carpal osteoarthritis, showed 83% of Arthramid®Vet treated joints were free of lameness at 6 weeks versus 27% for Triamcinolone (corticosteroid) and 40% HA (hyaluronic acid) (p<0.05). Click here for the study.

“Arthramid®Vet forms what we lovingly call the “triangle of love” between veterinarians, horses and horse owners: veterinarians have a new tool to better address debilitating osteoarthritis in their equine patients; horses reap the health and welfare benefits of receiving this new therapy and their owners find relief in improving the comfort and quality of life of the horses & dogs they love.” – Michaela Arcaro, Director of Contura Vet USA, manufacturer of Arthramid®Vet.

For more information, visit, or ask your veterinarian about Arthramid®Vet!

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