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December 14, 2009                    Rick Weinberg, 949-648-3815

Ground-Breaking Odor-No-MoreTM Delivers a Serious Solution to Age-Old Problem

Irvine, Calif. — Ever since horses have been kept in stalls, horse owners have been adding to, and then mucking out, large quantities of bedding in a futile attempt to reduce the odor and moisture in these stalls.

Horse owners know first-hand how expensive it can be and that even “good” bedding cannot do the job. The solution to this age-old problem has finally arrived in Odor-No-Moreï, which just launched its award-winning super-absorbent product proven to lower costs and totally eliminate odor and moisture, reduce flies and promote hoof health to create a cleaner, dryer, safer and healthier stall. 

BioLargo, Inc.’s (Symbol: BLGO) line of Odor-No-MoreTM products help owners tackle the many unpleasant and unhealthy consequences of urine in horse stalls and trailers.

“Until now, available stall additives did not help much,” says Joe Provenzano, creator of Odor-No-MoreTM. “With Odor-No-MoreTM, you can see and smell the results in minutes.”

Odor-No-MoreTM is proven to reduce the amount of bedding consumed by up to 75%.  Flies disappear as a result of eliminating all odors that horse ow