A key problem facing most horse owners, whether involved in purchasing a new horse or identifying problems with a horse they already have in the barn, is often identified when problems arise in a horse’s balance, soundness or general training: The lack of standardized, data based information that can be analyzed, updated, and referred to in developing the equine athlete. Horse industry professionals agree that today’s performance horse’s success hinges on variables that are often hard to quantify, especially when the problem lives in the barn, not in the lab. Developed by Scott J. Previte, an accomplished farrier for over 25 years, Equine BaseLine is an innovative new system to develop a baseline for all horses: By using standardized data collection by trained individuals, video, photo and x-ray data is loaded into an easy to access, portable, and individualized media format that can be used by all the professionals involved in the care of your horse. Finally, the BaseLine for each of your horses can be established.

Standardized Data
Photographic recording of shoeing balance, overall conformation and structural changes can be recorded as a starting point to track changes. Video footage, properly captured, and in a format that professionals can view and manipulate to serve their needs is essential in diagnosing problems, recording changes, or just monitoring soundness and development. With both photographic and videographic data combined with graphical veterinary findings like radiographs, owners, veterinarians, farriers and trainers can now get on the same page quicker, and with less guesswork involved. By using BaseLine’s unique tools to track changes, problems that would normally not be seen by the naked eye or even felt by the most experienced trainer can be analyzed and the solution found quicker than ever before.

Analysis and Correction
Scott Previte’s commitment to his c