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Inspire Health, LLC Launches Stall Genie Line Of Horse Health Products

To improve horse health, performance and quality of life, Inspire Health has launched its new Stall Genie line of products to help combat the risks of ammonia exposure in horse stalls.

The New Stall Genie product line will absorb the foul odor common in horse stalls, caused by ammonia buildup.  Stall Genie works by acting as an ammonia odor absorbent, eliminating foul odors and pungent ammonia fumes.  Ammonia is a toxic gas that results from urine and waste. With animals, it is an unavoidable occurrence, since their living area is often their restroom as well.

Ammonia gasses are the leading cause of many health problems in horses, farm animals and even humans. This is why using Stall Genie products new product line will have such a huge impact. Horses using Inspire Health’s new products will be healthier as the benefits are unmatched, and the ammonia absorption is 100% successful.

The goals of Inspire Health’s new product line are to promote horse health across the United States, by helping owners to have horses that not only perform better in competition, but also live healthier lives.  This commitment to the health of your horse by improving its living environment, will also have the welcome side effect of lower veterinarian bills.

Inspire Health has a commitment to the environment with all Stall Genie products manufactured from organic material, 100% natural and non-toxic.  Because of this commitment, Inspire Health is recognized as bei