#1 Insulin Resistance supplement now in a new size ideal for first time users

Is this your horse?
¥ Chronic sore feet
¥ Laminitis that just won’t go away
¥ Elevated insulin levels
¥ Easy keeper staying large on little food
¥ Can’t be on pasture
¥ Rotated on x-ray
¥ Cresty neck
¥ Founder history
¥ On Cushing’s meds but still foot sore
¥ Painful feet on hard or frozen ground
¥ Senior horse health issues

Get your horse back to grass pasture faster
Introducing new 40 serving size of the Healthy Equine Insulin Rescue Organical (HEIRO) perfect for first time users! All-natural, tasty powder supplement helps fight these issues, gets to the source of the problem and gets your horse back out on grass pasture where he was born to graze and play. Includes 10 day loading regimen plus 20 servings, for a total 30 day supply.

Veterinarian-developed, farrier approved
Elevated insulin is a major cause of laminar injury and foot pain. Developed by Frank Reilly, DVM, HEIRO was created to treat the growing number of horses suffering from chronic sore feet and high insulin levels. HEIRO’s all-natural blend of eight USDA certified organic herbs, magnesium and vitamin E helps control insulin to get your horse out of the stable and back on grass pasture faster.

HEIRO also helps fight laminar injury and stops foot pain caused by seasonal factors, such as:
¥ New grass in the Spring
¥ Heat in the Summer
¥ Frost and ACTH