The first beautiful and useful equine app for keeping all your horse info safe and ready anywhere!

Like you, we’re horse owners, between us we’ve been caught short in every type of tricky situation, needing to contact a professional about our horse urgently, in the dark, in the rain and they ask us a question and our information is back at the stables…

So, we solved this problem by creating the simplest, easiest to use mobile horse owner’s app and named it “Horse Box”.

Here are two of our real life experiences of why we created the ÔHorse Box’ app….

“My horse kicked out at a show, denting the door panel of a car, I panicked and couldn’t think what to do.” Imagine how much easier dealing with that situation would have been if you had all of your horse’s details on your phone…

“We were at the yard and I could tell my horse was sick.” The “Horse Box” app makes a situation like this so much easier to deal with, all of your trusted equine contacts alongside all of your horse’s essential details are right in the palm of your hand.

That’s just two of the many reasons why “Horse Box” is perfect for all horse owners. Yet we knew that we could give users more, so we allow users to add an unlimited amount of horses, which is perfect for owners of more than one horse right up to those who maintain a stable. All of your horses and all of your horse details in your hand.

The app allows you to take and link photos to each of your horse’s profi