Study Confirms 1350 Laser Value

VetLase 500, a deep low-level

laser therapy for veterinarians, uses a patented wavelength to offer one of the

safest and most effective treatments for bone and soft tissue healing

available. A study last fall at the University of Texas at Austin concluded

that the most favorable wavelengths for dermis absorption should be between

1150 and 1650 nanometers (nm).

This confirms the work of Kim

Segal of Plano, president of LaserStim and inventor of the VetLase 500, which

was designed to be used at the 1350nm level to penetrate the skin while staying

cool to the touch and alleviating the problem of burned tissue that is found in

higher-wattage lasers. It was approved by the FDA last summer, and in February

the product and research study were featured at an international laser

conference in San Francisco.        

“We have found success in

our usage of the VetLase 500 in treatments of the usual culprits of wound

healing and pain management, but it has also shown promise in treating more

unusual cases – such as laminitis in equines. We’re excited to take this laser

into more veterinary clinics and bring better, more eff