St. Louis, MO (March11, 2015) — Well-known horse trainer and animal behaviorist Sue De Laurentis has teamed up with Manna Pro, an equine health care company, in a “Train with Trust” video series that teaches horse owners how to responsibly use treats as a training tool. De Laurentis uses her signature training approach to focus on essential behaviors, including stretching exercises for better performance, crossing obstacles on a trail, and teaching your horse to come when called.
“Treats are an important part of training and can be highly motivational to a horse. If used correctly, treats can really spark a horse’s desire to learn,” said De Laurentis. “My goal is to show horse owners how to get great results AND preserve your horse’s good manners.”
In the videos, De Laurentis demonstrates how to use a diminishing rewards system to obtain the desired behaviors in the horse. “At first, we reward generously to keep her eager and engaged. Then we progress to verbal praise and stroking,” she said, adding that treats are then offered at random times to keep the horse interested.
“I’ve used Manna Pro Horse Treats in my training programs for many years, and I’m impressed with how quickly and effectively they can be used to teach horses new behaviors,” said De Laurentis. She said she likes the small pocket-sized treats, as they are easier to handle.
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