August 13, 2015
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Be Alerted on Your Mobile Device at the First Signs of Distress in Your Horse: Introducing NIGHTWATCHª

AUSTIN, TX Ð August 13, 2015 Ð As horse enthusiasts, our horses are members of our families. The joy horses bring into our lives is almost impossible to put into words.
With our horses, we experience ups and downs. We have good days and bad days, happy moments and frustrated moments.
No matter what happens, we love our horses, and if anything threatens our horses’ well-being, we are first to stand in the way and protect them. We will do whatever it takes.
However, what about the threats that we don’t always immediately notice or those threats that happen overnight to our horses when we are not there? What about the times when our horse’s stomach hurts, but he doesn’t let us know he’s in pain until he’s on the floor of his stall and we’re biting our lip waiting for our vet to arrive at the barn? How can we support our horse if something like this happens?
The answer is NIGHTWATCHª.
NIGHTWATCHª is the world’s first and only equine distress & wellness monitor offered as a smart halter or collar. This innovative new device continuously analyzes real-time data on your horse’s vital signs and behaviors, and alerts you, or a caretaker, on your mobile device at the first signs of distress.
NIGHTWATCHª is there when you can’t be.
It works through sensors and other technology embedded within the padded leather crown of a breakaway halter or safety collar. Protequus LLC has been working for the past two years to