The All-In-One, Earth Friendly, Finishing Spray!

Walla Walla, WAÑ ShowPro+ª Ñ Today, BSI / COLDFLEX¨ announced immediate availability of ShowPro+ª, enabling wholesalers, dealers and customers the ability to purchase the only earth friendly “finishing spray” that shines and conditions, while also repelling insects and dirt!

We have had nothing but positive reviews. Our customers love ShowPro+ and are very willing to replace the multiple, sprays they normally use, with our all-in-one, finishing spray!” said Robyn Rupp, VP Sales & Marketing at BSI / COLDFLEX¨.

Positive Customer Impact

One of those great reviews for ShowPro+ª was emailed from Traci Nelson, a professional rodeo enthusiast, “The first time I used the ShowPro+ª spray I was completely astonished. I was amazed at how clean my horses became. One of my horses has allergies and I haven’t been able to find a spray that doesn’t aggravate her skin, until now. Not only do all of my horses come clean, they’re no longer bothered by insects as well. I highly recommend ShowPro+ª to anyone who has a horse with sensitive skin, and encourage anyone with a performance horse to use it, because my horses get the extra shine with it as well. I simply love ShowPro+ª!”

I need to get more!” said Lindsey Medio, Team COLDFLEX¨ Member and owner / trainer of 2011 HUS Gelding, Blue Suede Irons. “I really love it! I’ve used half the bottle already. ShowPro+ª is fantastic!

ShowPro+ª Availability