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May 18, 2016

Stretch RunTM Promotes Healthy Energy for Equine Competitors

Bensenville, Illinois–Introduced in 2015, Stretch Run™ and Stretch Run Plus™ have made their way from the race track to the show grounds as an aid for those that compete in high-intensity disciplines and speed events. Both the Stretch
Run one-dose syringe and Stretch Run Plus daily supplement are comprised of ingredients that help maintain healthy metabolic energy in active horses.

The key ingredient in both products is a proprietary blend of vitamin B12 and ribose, a carbohydrate found naturally in the body. Ribose is a key component of ATP, which provides the energy for cell metabolism in all organisms. Clinical studies have found that this ingredient enhances energy and lessens recovery time in horses. Exercise depletes the body’s stores of ATP and horses in heavy training will lose ATP more quickly and need more time to replenish it. Stretch Run and Stretch Run Plus support the production of
healthy levels of ATP, which helps performance and stamina.

Stretch Run was originally tested with Standardbred race horses in Florida. Their trainers reported that horses seemed to last longer and finish races stronger. In competition, additional energy and stamina help horses complete eventing courses more easily or finish a barrel racing pattern more quickly.

The Stretch Run 2-ounce single dose syringe can be given two hours prior to competition or other strenuous events while the Stretch Run