King Louis XIV of France possessed a passion for hunting and equestrianism, going so far as to commission an esteemed 17th-century architect to design stables adorned with exquisite stone sculptures next to his Versailles castle. Reputed as the finest in the world at the time, the two stables housed up to 2,000 horses in side-by-side standing stalls under a 15-foot vaulted ceiling.

Generations of royalty used those same stables, which by accounts were kept immaculate but confined horses with little opportunity for social interaction, turnout, or fresh air—it turns out 15-foot ceilings can only do so much for ventilation.

We can forgive proud Renaissance kings for their lack of scientific knowledge; in centuries since, equine welfare researchers have shown us what’s beautiful to us isn’t necessarily what’s ideal for a horse. Current standards require better housing for our horses to ensure their physical, social, and emotional health.

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