Researchers are seeking horse owners’ and veterinarians’ input on a survey about pain management in horses. If your horse experiences an injury or undergoes surgery, your veterinarian often recommends one or more medications to provide relief from that pain. A team of researchers at Washington State University is trying to better understand the factors that influence the discussion and decisions related to pain management in horses with a primary goal of improving medical care for horses.

Who can participate?

You qualify to be a part of this study if:

  • You are more than 18 years of age, and
  • You currently own at least one horse.

If I participate in this project, what will I have to do?

If you choose to participate, this is what you can expect:

  • You will be asked to complete a 20 minute web-based survey that asks questions about your attitudes, beliefs, and practices related to pain management in horses.
  • In addition, the survey will describe horses with injuries or that have undergone various types of surgeries and ask you to estimate how painful you think those horses are.
  • Finally, the survey will ask questions about your experiences with horses.
  • Your participation is confidential and voluntary – you will not be asked to identify yourself in any way. You may skip any questions and you may quit the survey at any time.

A similar survey is being distributed to equine veterinarians. We will analyze responses and compare answers between horse owners and veterinarians to better understand how pain management decisions are made for horses. We plan to summarize our results and make that information available through horse industry publications and web sites, at professional meetings, and by publishing results in peer-reviewed professional journals.


Please direct all questions and comments about this project to Dr. Debra Sellon, Professor of Equine Medicine at Washington State University ( 

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