Cavallo Horse & Rider Announces New No-Plastic Packaging

Cavallo is eliminating the use of all plastic and replacing it with newly designed, smaller, less obtrusive, 100 percent recycled paper for all of their hoof pad packaging produced from April 2019, onward.
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A note from Cavallo’s Carole Herder:
In the never-ending quest to make life better for our beloved equine friends, I have done all I can to help educate horse owners around the world about the benefits of barefoot. Of course, we are a boot company, so we absolutely advocate wearing Cavallo Hoof Boots for protection, injuries, laminitis and for all the other ways they provide comfort to your horse. But that’s not what I want to tell you. You see, I neglected something that I now realize is very important.

A few years ago, I was asked for insoles for sensitive hoofs, rehabilitation from shoeing, stimulation for blood circulation, to add increased cushion for problem conditions and endless other issues. I realized how beneficial these would be and flew into action to develop a great range of pads you can select for your own personal preference and place right inside your boots. The pads are the perfect complement to our boots, and I am so very grateful to you, our supportive community, for your boundless input and refinement.

These pads have even helped save horses’ lives! I am not kidding. They are awesome, but the packaging was not! I really didn’t even think about it – all these pairs of pads and all the plastic bags they are packaged in. Sheesh! How thoughtless can I be? I know, I know – ignorance is not an excuse.

OK, now in my defense I was focused on the benefits to our horses and NOT on the PLANET! So, I am sorry, Earth. It’s bad, but I am fixing it. We are eradicating the plastic! And from here on in, Cavallo will be more aware of our carbon footprint. As of today, we are eliminating the use of ALL plastic and replacing it with newly designed, smaller, less obtrusive, 100 percent recycled paper for all of our pad packaging produced from April 2019, onward. We will continue to pursue and develop more ways to consciously consider our Earth and all that she provides for us

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