Assateague wild horse

The National Park Service is welcoming a new Assateague wild horse into the herd. Early on May 11, N2BHS-A (“Gokey GoGo Bones”) gave birth to a chestnut filly.

The new foal, N2BHS-AR, and the Assateague wild horse band live in a busy developed area and campgrounds for most of the year. For this reason, the National Park Service is expressly reminding visitors to remain a minimum of a bus length (40 feet) away from the wild horses at all times.

Everything is new to a foal. N2BHS-AR will learn how to interact with the environment from her mother and other members of the band.

About two-thirds of foals in the Assateague Island National Seashore are born in April, May, and June, but it is not uncommon for foals to be born throughout the year.  A mare will be very protective of her new foal and it is vitally important for their well-being that visitors give them, and all wild horses, plenty of space.