GREENSBORO, NC, May 4, 2020 – Tejas Discovery and Research, LLC (TDR) of Seguin, TX announces the receipt of U.S. Patent, Number 10, 300,134 for its veterinary vaccine for the protection of snake bites in companion animals and horses. The Veterinary vaccine comprises a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, a biocompatible polymer comprising chitosan, and a thermally inactivated rattlesnake venom.

The TDR technology provides for encapsulation and a steady, slow release presentation of detoxified rattlesnake venom to the immune system which results is a high titer, long-lasting antibody response without any local or systemic adverse events. “Snake envenomation is an important presenting problem at veterinary clinics” according to Dr. William Campaigne, DVM and one of the founders of TDR.” The cost to treat animals that have been bitten by snakes ranges from a few hundred up to two thousand dollars. Mortality from snake bites may be as high as 20 – 30% in dogs depending on many factors.

Tejas Discovery and Research, LLC has retained Brakke Consulting to assist in the sale or out-Licensing of their technology in the animal health and human fields. For more information contact Ronald Brakke at Brakke Consulting, or telephone 214-906-0750.

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