San Tan Valley, AZ (October 5, 2020) – ‘Steeling’ your horse against degenerative joint pain, inflammation, and injury has taken on a whole new meaning. Steel Horse Formulations, an equine supplement company focused on systemic enzymes, has spent 25 years in developing the ultimate whole body, healthy inflammatory response enzyme therapy. Backed by a wealth of clinical studies and testimonials from every discipline and more than 80 countries, their Serraquin ES15 combats just about every equine ailment and lameness known to equine-kind: scar tissue removal, positive inflammatory response to exercise and exertion, quicker recovery from performance related injuries, promoting healthy muscle and connective tissue development, reduction in stiffness and soreness, and proper gastrointestinal and digestive health are just a few of the benefits.

Serraquin ES15 consists of a potent enzyme blend that helps support joint & connective tissue in both performance horses and pasture ornaments and companions. Serrapeptase, a fundamental ingredient in Serraquin ES15, is known worldwide for it’s ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response and maintaining healthy fibrin levels that in excess can cause a build-up of scar tissue and adhesions. With more than 50 years of success around the world, systemic enzymes are a natural and effective way to provide a first line of defense and next level post-workout or injury recovery for the stress and work put on our equines.

Steel Horse Formulations’ Serraquin ES15 is a unique product found only on their shelves. The premium level ingredients include a proprietary blend of enzymes combining in a ground-breaking formula that has put horses back to work and back to soundness.

“I’ve been using Serraquin ES15 for about 6 months on my good rope horse and she has a big knee that has always made her move around pretty stiff. Since using Serraquin ES15 she has been moving better than she has in years with more flexibility. The only thing I have changed is putting her on Serraquin ES15. She’s feeling better and I know it’s helping her! It’s made all the difference in the world!” —Matt Sherwood 2 Time NFR World Champion, 8 Time NFR Qualifier, George Strait Team Roping Classic Champion, Houston Livestock Show Champion

“I started using Serraquin ES15 for my 20 year old Friesian, Ari, who was Zorro’s horse in the 2005 movie, “The Legend of Zorro.” Ari has severe upper and lower ringbone in both front legs as a consequence of improper use and untended injuries before he came to us at age 14. Ari was on three joint supplements and the maximum safe dose of Equioxx for his weight, still had trouble walking, and was grade 3/4 lame on his left front. My vet was skeptical that an enzyme-based product would make any difference — but I am a scientist and I checked the science; it was compelling to me. I started Ari on Serraquin ES15. After six weeks, he was not only able to walk comfortably but he also could trot several hundred yards without limping. We were able to discontinue two of the joint supplements and reduce his dose of Equioxx. As he continues to improve, we will taper the Equioxx further. He is happy and comfortable! I am a scientist and equine nutritionist. I specialize in helping owners who have horses that are sick or injured or have chronic conditions that are difficult to manage. I am always looking for outstanding products that are safe and effective and complement nutritional protocols.

It is particularly satisfying to see Ari feel so much better because he worked so hard as a young horse.

​Having proof from Ari, I now incorporate Serraquin ES15 into protocols for horses that need control of pain, inflammation, fibrosis, and scarring. Every owner that has tried that I know has seen improvement.” — Martha M. Faraday, Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist

“I’ve had my 22 year old retired Grand Prix horse on Serraquin for several months. This horse has torn his suspensory several times and has struggled with soundness. Since starting him on Serraquin he has been sounder than ever and is able to continue jumping, which he loves!” — Georgie Murray, Grand Prix Jumper & Head Trainer at Dapple Gray Farms

“Just started my foundered with rotation Arabian mare on this product. She had bleeding with her last farrier appointment and within the first week, it has stopped. Another abscess is healing quicker. I’ll keep using for at least this month to see if she can finally come off her Equioxx! Very impressed!” — Mary Sotis, Horse Enthusiast

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