A new, innovative joint health supplement good enough for equestrians but made for their horses.

MIRABEL, Quebec – EquiSource just announced the approval of their new equine joint health supplement, Hyco Flex ™, by Health Canada. Human-grade ingredients ensure the highest quality and bioavailability unmatched by animal-grade supplements used in other equine products.

Hyco Flex ™ uses the following ingredients to provide a complete joint health care solution. Collagen provides structural support for joint cartilage. Hyaluronic Acid ensures that collagen structure is reinforced and remains elastic, while also supporting the lubricating action of the synovial fluid. Vitamin C, as studies have shown, increases the amount of collagen absorbed by your horse. Vitamin A supports the proper functioning of the immune system and cell regeneration, while added Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, which helps to protect cells against free radicals created during exercise. The addition of peppermint helps to stimulate digestion and also provides an antispasmodic effect. Most importantly, the peppermint makes Hyco Flex™ palatable to over 98% of horses. What good is a supplement if your horse doesn’t eat it?

Hyco Flex ™ is designed for the active horse during all stages of their life, from training to competition through to retirement. “We want to give horses the gift of living their best life and fulfilling their full potential,” says Julie Radicioni, owner of EquiSource. Riders using Hyco Flex ™ regularly report an increased willingness by their horse to better use their bodies, with more forward movement and overall fluidity.

EquiSource’s commitment to equine health is why they have decided to offer this product directly to the consumer. By selling direct, the human-grade ingredients found in Hyco Flex ™ remain affordable and accessible to horse owners. Visit www.equisource.ca/hycoflex to purchase your supply and take your horse’s performance and willingness to the next level.

About EquiSource

EquiSource was founded in 2010 by Julie Radicioni. Starting as a rescue operation where retired and injured horses could find solace during their rehabilitation before finding new adoptive families. As EquiSourcegrew it soon became a permanent home to many rescued horses. These beloved animals became the foundation that allowed EquiSource to branch out and begin their Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program. Whether it’s recovering from trauma, depression, or grief, EAL helps people sort through their emotions and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem through their interactions with horses. As EquiSource grew, it began to offer corporate retreats where employees can participate in team-building and leadership exercises through their EAL program. EquiSource also partners with Carrefours Jeunesse Emploi to help young dropouts learn and develop skills that will benefit them throughout their life. Now in 2020, after years of seeing retired and rescue horses suffer from pain and discomfort, EquiSource is proud to come full circle and launch its new line of equine supplements for improved health and well-being, giving back not only to their horses but all horses that have helped so many reach their full potential.


Learn more about our Hyco Flex ™, the joint health supplement at  https://equisource.ca/en/produit/hycoflex-ultra-health-supplement/.

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