Catherine Kohn, VMD

Catherine Kohn, VMD, currently at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, serves as United States Equestrian Team veterinarian and was the FEI veterinary delegate at the U.S. Olympics in 1996 and at Rolex Kentucky in 1998.

Articles by: Catherine Kohn, VMD

Coping With the Heat

During hot weather, heat dissipation is primarily dependent on evaporation of sweat on the skin surface. Horses are capable of producing large quantities of sweat–sweating rates of 10-15 liters/hour have been reported during exercise in hot conditions.

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Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital Management of Horses from University of Findlay EHV-1 Outbreak

Admission: Six horses were referred from the University of Findlay for emergency treatment. All horses had signs of neurological disease. One horse was dead on arrival on 19 January 03; this horse went directly to necropsy and was never admitted to the Hospital. Four horses were admitted 18-19 Jan 03. One horse was admitted 28 January 03. All horses were segregated in the old part of

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Equine Herpesvirus 1: Pathophysiology and Commonly Asked Questions

The following information was posted on The Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s web site Feb. 26. The author, Catherine W. Kohn, VMD, Dipl. ACVIM, is professor of equine medicine and surgery at OSU.

Typical Clinical Signs of EHV-1 Infection
Upper respiratory infection is the most common manifestation of EHV-1 infection. Commonly

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