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Noni Juice–A NSAID?

Although more research is needed, Tahitian Noni Equine Essentials, an herbal product made from the Morinda citrifolia tree, could have uses as an anti-inflammatory agent, according to a cooperative study by the University of Wisconsin School of Vete

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Predicting Pulmonary Hypertension

“Significant pulmonary hypertension is known to occur secondary to recurrent airway obstruction in horses,” researchers said. “How this relates to disease severity or long-term prognosis is not known. In part, this may be due to the difficulty and/or

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Skin Hypersensitivity (ACVIM 2006)

There are three categories for hypersensitivity (non-insect-bite related) skin diseases. These include food allergies, atopic dermatitis (a predisposition to allergic disease in response to environmental allergens), and contact allergies caused by

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House Votes to Ban Horse Slaughter

In an act that went against the recommendations of the Secretary of Agriculture and two prominent veterinary groups, on Sept. 7 Congress voted 263-146 to end horse slaughter in the United States. House members also defeated two amendments that

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NSAIDs: Not All They’re ‘Stacked’ Up To Be

Bute and Banamine are two of the most common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on the market, and they easily accessible to nearly every horse owner. They can be the first line of defense in emergency cases such as colic, and

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Colic Surgery Risk Factors

Studies have also shown that colic surgery mortality rates are higher than that of any other surgical procedure–most likely because the horse’s system is already compromised when the animal is anesthetized.

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Good Foot Gone Bad

Ric Redden, DVM, founder of the International Equine Podiatry Center, spoke about several common and sometimes debilitating hoof problems that can materialize with little or no warning, such as laminitis, white line disease, and hoof abscesses.

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House Subcommittees Hear Slaughter Bill

In late July, two House subcommittees heard testimonies from horse industry leaders on H.R. 503, a bill to ban horse slaughter. On July 27, Agricultural Subcommittee members voted 37-3 to send the bill to the House floor and strongly recommended

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Drought Grips Areas of the United States

Drought and excessive heat could strain the nation’s agricultural industry. From Florida to California farmers and ranchers have already felt the effects in decreased hay production and waning grazing pastures.

“A big concern right now i

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Second Anthrax Case in South Dakota

On Aug. 16, the South Dakota state veterinary office confirmed the state’s second case of anthrax this year. As a result of the outbreak, three beef cows that were part of a herd of 51 unvaccinated cows died in Lincoln County. An earlier outbrea

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Breeding Cents

In 2003, the horse industry directly contributed $10.7 billion to the U.S. economy; $2.2 billion of that was from the breeding industry alone, according to a study published in 2005. It’s no wonder that Karin Bosh’s July 11 graduate defense

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Canadian Anthrax Outbreak Worst on Record

Saskatchewan, Canada, is experiencing its worst anthrax year on record. Animal health authorities have quarantined more than 28 premises in Saskatchewan for suspected anthrax contamination and have deemed 113 cattle deaths suspicious as of July

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Altitude Affects Anesthesia

High altitudes can affect an animal’s blood pressure; it’s the reason athletes must acclimate themselves to high altitude conditions long before they compete in them. University of California (UC), Davis, researchers were concerned that this

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Failure of Racehorses to Train and Race

It’s commonly known that racehorses endure extreme physical and mental stresses preparing for a racing career, which can lead to injuries and illnesses. In a University of Cambridge study, researchers sought to quantify ailments endured by today’s

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