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Four Horses Dead, One Ill; Owner Questions Dewormer

Four horses outside of Hebbronville, Texas, died after they showed clinical signs of an unknown illness in February; one horse is recovering. The horses’ owner suspects the animals’ problems might have been caused by a dewormer, and she is

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Oh, Horse Manure!

If you have horses, you have manure. Dealing with the waste can be burdensome and sometimes costly for farm owners, not to mention some waste management methods are harmful to the environment. If you’re looking for a way to improve your current

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USDA Considers Inspection Alternative

Horsemeat processing plants in Texas and Illinois have petitioned the USDA to allow plants to pay inspectors’ salaries on a per-service basis, according to Steven Cohen, a USDA spokesperson. The Nov. 23, 2005, petition was in response to the

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Wild Horse Shot in Outer Banks

Investigators are searching for information on the shooting death of a pregnant wild horse found Dec. 27, 2005, on the Outer Banks of Currituck County, N.C. A resident found the 2-year-old shot in the stomach, said the Currituck County Sheriff’s

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Groups File Injunction to Halt Horsemeat Inspections

On Feb. 22, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), along with several other groups filed for an injunction to prevent the inspections of horsemeat (scheduled to start March 10) until a pending lawsuit prohibiting the fee-for-service

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AAEP Convention 2005: Horseman’s Day Teeth

“A plain old float just isn’t good enough anymore,” explained Mary DeLorey, DVM, owner of Northwest Equine Dentistry in Washington, during the 51st Annual AAEP Convention, in Seattle, Wash., Dec. 3-7, 2005. A demand for more comprehensive dental

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AAEP Convention 2005: Horseman’s Day Unwanted Horse

What is an unwanted horse? An unwanted horse is a horse within the domestic equine population that is deemed by its owner to no longer be useful or needed, said Nat Messer, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, during the Horseman’s Day session at the 51st annual

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Laminitis (AAEP Convention 2005)

What causes laminitis? Is it the same as founder? Should I remove shoes from a horse with acute laminitis? Should I soak his feet? Does laminitis always have devastating consequences?

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Pre-Purchase Exams (AAEP 2005)

“A pre-purchase exam is only one factor to help you decide if you are going to purchase an animal,” said Craig Roberts, DVM, an Ocala, Fla., practitioner. purchase exams are designed to discover a horse’s unique concerns and discuss the management

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AAEP Convention 2005: How To Repair Incisors

Mandible (lower jaw) and premaxillary (upper jaw) fractures are common equine head injuries, according to David Moll, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS, professor of large animal clinical sciences at Oklahoma State University. There are many described

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