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Articles by Christy

Welcome to Behind the Scenes!

Some say that behind every good man is a great woman, but there’s a lot more than just one great person behind a world-class equine athlete. Not to mention hundreds of world-class equine athletes in eight disciplines at...

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Anne Kursinski: Episode 18

Anne Kursinski is our special guest this week discussing some principles of good riding and horsemanship, and advice on how to stay focused. Take a listen right here. Jumping Radio Episode 18 – Anne Kursinski: Host: Chris...

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Show Notes and Links: Episode 1

Jymmy Kay Cox and Alan Moorhead welcome the horse world to the first episode of the Western Radio Show on the Horse Radio Network. From ranchin’ to ropin’ to riding the trail, listen in and learn what the Western...

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Episode 7 – Clean and in Control

Helena and Glenn talk fancy stirrups and equine wipes today. Listen in as we clean up on this week’s show… Tack and Habit Episode 7 – Clean and in Control:Hosts: Helena B. and Glenn the Geek Product #1: Royal...

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