Courtney LeMay, Editorial Intern

Courtney LeMay was editorial intern for The Horse for the summer of 2010. She attends Asbury Univeristy, planning to graduate in 2013 with a double major in Journalism and Media Communications. She is currently the senior staff features writer for her school paper, the Asbury Collegian, as well as a member of the swim team.

Articles by: Courtney LeMay, Editorial Intern

Nonprofit Launches Maryland’s First Equine-Related Bookmobile

The Equihab Foundation launched an equine welfare and care bookmobile earlier this month, the first of its kind in Maryland. The program comes as part of Equihab’s mission to prevent cruelty to horses, particularly through community education. Besides having numerous equine-related books, the nonprofit’s “Mobile Outreach Unit” also features a computer—complete with pr

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Zedonk Foal Turns Heads at Georgia Wildlife Preserve

What do you get when you cross a zebra and a donkey? One interesting story. Although it might sound more like a joke than an actual event, one such zebra-donkey hybrid (known as a zedonk) was born last week at a wildlife preserve in Northern Georgia. Born to a donkey mother and a zebra father, the zedonk filly displays characteristics of both parents. “Her conforma

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WWII Museum Exhibit to Honor Hooved Heroes

The phrase “heroes of the second World War” might conjure up scenes from Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, or Pearl Harbor, but another kind of hero emerges in an exhibit that launched yesterday, July 22, in New Orleans. This hero did not work for pay, but he took pride in a job well done; he was as loyal as any soldier, but with twice as many legs. This hero was the horse

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WEG Inspires Horse Mania in the Bluegrass

Colorfully decorated fiberglass horses are appearing all around Lexington, Ky., in preparation for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG). Horse Mania 2010 kicked off July 15 with 82 horses, an increase over the 79 statues displayed in the inaugural Horse Mania display in 2000. Regional artists were selected for the opportunity to paint and decorate the life-sized statues, which a

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Hay Banks in the Running for Refreshment

Although water is the logical choice for a horse on a hot day, many horse rescue organizations are turning to Pepsi for refreshment this summer. Instead of quenching thirst, however, this time Pepsi is helping to quench the sting of the current economy. Besides being the official beverage supplier for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Pepsi-Cola may soon be involved with the horse indus

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Horse Industry Donates to Riding Program

Al Roker of NBC’s “Today Show” visited Bozeman, Mont., earlier this week, bringing with him $1.2 million in donations for Eagle Mount, a local charity.

This trip was a part of the ninth-annual “Lend a Hand” program, whose purpose is “to help small charities across the country that work toward improving conditions in their communities,” according to

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Assateague Steps Up Wild Horse Educational Efforts

An increase in biting incidents at the Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland has inspired a stricter policy toward visitors wishing to see the national park’s famous wild horses.

Visitors ignoring the dangers of dealing with any wild animal have caused a recurring problem in the past several years, according to Allison Turner, a biological technician at Assateague

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Standardbreds Quickly Benefiting from New USTA Program

The U.S. Trotting Association (USTA) introduced its Support Our Standardbreds program earlier this month, and the organization is hard at work doing just that. USTA has already helped two horses in the three weeks since the program was introduced and has at least three more horses lined up for financial assistance, according to Ellen Harvey, executive director of harness racing communications.

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