David W. Horohov, PhD

David W. Horohov, PhD, is a professor and the William Robert Mills Chair in Equine Immunology in the Department of Veterinary Science at the University of Kentucky's Gluck Equine Research Center. His research program focuses on identifying and characterizing cytokines (messenger molecules" by which cells of the immune system signal and instruct one another) and their role in protective and pathologic (disease-causing) immune responses. He's particularly interested in the effect of age on immune responses in the horse.""avid W. Horohov

Articles by: David W. Horohov, PhD

how to protect your horse from equine influenza; Massachusetts Horse Owners Urged to Vaccinate

Equine Vaccination: What, When, and Why?

Regular, strategic vaccination is a safe, effective method to greatly minimize the chances of deadly diseases impacting your herd. Learn more in this article from the April 2022 issue of The Horse.

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Artsy Horse Racing

Racetrack Injury Prevention

Over the years there’s been a trend toward declining average starts for racehorses. Dr. Horohov presents possible reasons why.

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Antibody Titers

You might have heard your veterinarian say, “Let’s run a titer on him,” when referring to your horse and whether he’s protected against disease, or to figure out what might be causing particular clinical signs. What exactly does “titer” mean?

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