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Articles by Jennifer

The Last Amateur Games?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France, founder of the International Olympic Committee and the generally acknowledged father of the modern Olympic Games, envisioned a field of amateur athletes for whom “the essential thing is...

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Don’t Call Them Disabled

  Do I feel sorry for a person with a limp, a missing limb, or some other physical challenge? Yeah, I do — until that person climbs in the saddle and proceeds to kick my able-bodied dressage-riding butt. That’s...

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"Rollkur": Dressage’s Dirty Word

Exaggerated flexion of a horse’s poll and neck, although surely practiced in the past, became popularized (so to speak) in dressage in the 1980s when Nicole Uphoff of Germany used it as a training technique with her horse,...

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Slow Boat to Germany

Now this sounds like a great way to end one’s silver-medal-winning Olympic experience: The 2012 German dressage competitors will be taking a cruise ship, not a plane, home from London.Anabel Balkenhol (the individual...

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